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Speech Recognition

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Speech Recognition. Presented By: Amy Sollenberger. Objectives:. Describe Speech Recognition Describe and Evaluate the Hardware and Software utilized with Speech Recognition Describe and Evaluate the information system used with Speech Recognition. Objectives:.

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Presentation Transcript
speech recognition

Speech Recognition

Presented By:

Amy Sollenberger


Describe Speech Recognition

Describe and Evaluate the Hardware and Software utilized with Speech Recognition

Describe and Evaluate the information system used with Speech Recognition


Discuss the advantages/disadvantages

Examine any related legal/ethical issues

Discuss the informatics competencies required with speech recognition

Assess the functions and responsibilities of the nurse informaticist

Summarize the information related to speech recognition

what is speech recognition
What is Speech Recognition?

Converts Spoken Words into

Written Text

uses for speech recognition
Uses for Speech Recognition:

Nursing Documentation

Interdisciplinary Documentation

Doctor Orders and Notes

Nursing Reports and Hand-offs

(Another way to document care, 2008)

hardware used for speech recognition
Hardware Used for Speech Recognition


Speech Recognition Microphone

Digital Recorder

Speech Computer Chips

(Paulson, 2006)

software used for speech recognition
Software Used for Speech Recognition

Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

eScription Software

AccuNurse Software

e-Speaking Software

(Electronic medical records and speech recognition, retrieved 2009)

dragon naturallyspeaking
Dragon NaturallySpeaking

99 % Accurate

900 Words 6 Minutes

Allows Continuous Speech

Text Editing and Formatting Capabilities

(Dragon NaturallySpeaking, retrieved 2009)

software usability evaluation
Software Usability Evaluation

Were the users an early and continuous focus during the interface design?

Was the design process iterative?

Did a formal evaluation take place?

(McGonigle and Mastrian, 2009)

information system used with speech recognition
Information System Used With Speech Recognition

Electronic Medical Record


(http://www.himss.org/content/files/EMR_WP1208.pdf, 2008)

emr evaluation
EMR Evaluation

What type of Information System is EMR?

What health care professionals use the EMR?

What functions does the EMR enable the user to perform?

What configuration is used for the EMR?

http://www.himss.org/content/files/EMR_WP1208.pdf, (2008)

emr evaluation cont
EMR Evaluation, cont.

What data standards are used in the EMR?

What Disease and Procedure Classification System is used in the EMR?

What nursing practice standards classification scheme is used in the EMR?

(Saba, 2002)

advantages of speech recognition
Advantages of Speech Recognition

Saves Time

Improved Patient Care

Cost Savings

Increased Cash Flow and Reimbursement

(Nuance.com, 2008)

disadvantages of speech recognition
Disadvantages of Speech Recognition

99% accuracy rate

Background noise

(Hamlet, 2008)

ethical legal issues related to speech recognition
Ethical/Legal Issues Related to Speech Recognition

99% accuracy rate

Computer security


(Hamlet, 2008)

informatics competencies
Informatics Competencies

E-learning based competencies

On-job training

(Zikosky, 2008)

functions and responsibilities of the informatics nurse
Functions and Responsibilities of the Informatics Nurse

Select and Evaluate Software

Trouble shooting

Training of staff

Annual competencies

(Zikosky, 2008)


Key points to remember…..


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