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Air Quality in Austria PowerPoint Presentation
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Air Quality in Austria

Air Quality in Austria

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Air Quality in Austria

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  1. Air Quality in Austria Christian Nagl EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  2. Air quality problems in Austria Overview Currently, the main problems with respect to air quality in Austria are: • PM10 • Ozone • NO2 EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  3. Air quality problems in Austria PM10 PM10 exceedances in 2002: • Daily mean limit value + MOT: in Graz (3 stations) and Feldkirch • Daily mean limit value: 37 out of 78 stations • Annual mean + MOT : Graz (1 station) • Annual mean limit value: 2 stations (Graz) EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  4. PM10-exceedances 2002 PM10 exceedances of daily mean limit value all over Austria (no margin of tolerance) except Salzburg (possible influence of more rainy days compared to other parts in Austria?) PM10: number of daily means >50µg/m³ EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  5. PM10- 2000/01/02gravimetric method Results of stations in operation since 2000: PM10 • Pronounced increase of No. of daily means above 50µg/m³ • Slight increase of annual mean EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  6. PM10- Vienna/Illmitz Comparison of stations in Vienna with Illmitz (EMEP station, regional background, distance to Vienna appr. 50km) show episodes with similar values  limited possibilities of local measures? PM10 background station Illmitz EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  7. PM10 – PM2.5 – PM1 in Illmitz Comparison of PM10 with PM2.5 and PM1 shows mostly similar characteristics, some episodes with high PM10 values only PM10 EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  8. Exceedances of NO2 limit values NO2 in Austria 2002: • Short time LV+MOT: no exceedances of limit value + MOT • Annual mean LV+MOT: exceedances in Tyrol (close to motorway) and Vienna (street canyon) • Annual mean LV: 72 out of 142 stations NO2 EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  9. Ozone in summer 2003 • Very high levels in summer 2003 • Exceedance of alarm threshold 5 days (max: 263 µg/m³) • Exceedance of information threshold on 50 days Ozone EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  10. Ozone trends Trends same as European trends: • Mostly non-significant decrease of high perzentiles • Significant increase of annual mean Ozone EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  11. Action plans in Austria Two step process (according to Austrian law): • Identification of relevant sources that caused the exceedances and determination of area affected by low air quality (“status report”) • Abatement measures (if possible) to avoid exceedances in future Measures EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  12. Results of status reports PM10 exceedances: status reports finished for Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt, Lienz: mostly caused by traffic and domestic heating, at some sites also influence of local industry and gaseous precursor NO2 exceedances: status reports for Tyrol, Vienna, Salzburg: caused to a great extent by traffic.However, to comply with LVs a substantial decrease of traffic (mostly HDVs) would be necessary Measures EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003

  13. Abatement measures NO2 exceedances in Tyrol: • 68% of NO2 emissions from HDV • Action plan: night-time ban (10pm to 6am) of HDV (started a year ago) • Sectoral ban of HDV (iron, waste, wood,…), abandonded by EU-court • Result of night-time ban: counterproductive for compliance with short time LV as all banned vehicles go between 5am and 9am when inversions have not dissolved yet. Influence on annual mean not evaluated yet • Ban should be between 10pm and 10am PM10 exceedances: • local measures in Linz (industry) and Lienz (domestic heating replacement programs) • Nationwide PM10 abatement strategy will be finished in 2004 Ozone reduction: • First action plans should be finalised in the near future Measures EIONET Oslo 6.11.-7.11.2003