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Domenikos Theotocopoulos

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Domenikos Theotocopoulos. The artist also known as “El Greco”. El Greco . El Greco (The Greek ) was born in Crete in 1541. As a young man, like many Greek painters, he moved to Venice and then Rome, Italy, where he studied art. . Crete. This is probably a self- portait of El Greco .

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Domenikos Theotocopoulos

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domenikos theotocopoulos

The artist

also known as“El Greco”

el greco
El Greco
  • El Greco (The Greek) was born in Crete in 1541.
  • As a young man, like many Greek painters, he moved to Venice and then Rome, Italy, where he studied art.

This is probably a self-portait

of El Greco.

  • El Greco’s actual name was DomenikosTheotocopoulos.
  • He signed most of his paintings with his name, like this: Δομήνικος Θεοτοκόπουλος

Soy guapo… soy muy, muyguapo….


¡¡Québonita, Toledo!!

Toledo is a beautiful city, a former capital of the Spanish empire, and a place where Christians, Muslims, and Jews coexist. El Greco completed most of his famous works there.


The figures in El Greco’s works have elongated features. (Look at the fingers, necks, bodies, etc.)


The Disrobing of Christ

  • Many of his paintings were religious in nature.

El Entierro del SeñorOrgaz-

The Burial of Count Orgaz

this large painting is divided into two sections

This large painting is divided into two sections.

The upper portion represents heaven, or the celestial, and there we see Christ, the Virgin Mary, angels and saints.

2) The lowerpartrepresentsearth, ortheterrestrial. Here are representedmanyfamouspeople of the time, includingtheartisthimself.

el entierro del se or orgaz
El Entierro del SeñorOrgaz
  • Thispaintingrepresentsthelegendarymiraclethatoccurred in 1323, whenCountOrgazdied. He was a verygenerousmanwholeft a lot of moneytothechurch. According to the legend, at the time he was buried, Saint Stephen and Saint Augustine descended in person from the heavens and buried him with their own hands in front of the the amazed mourners.

El Entierro del SeñorOrgaz was painted from 1586-1588.

  • It is located in the Church of Santo Tomé in Toledo, Spain.

Vista de Toledo is considered one of the best depictions of the sky in Western art.

I am consideredthe first Spanish

landscape artist.




Soy de Crete.

Soy guapo.

Megusta arte.



Me gusta Toledo.

  • ¡¡Adiós!!