el greco domenikos theotokopoulos n.
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El Greco – Domenikos Theotokopoulos PowerPoint Presentation
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El Greco – Domenikos Theotokopoulos

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El Greco – Domenikos Theotokopoulos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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El Greco – Domenikos Theotokopoulos. El Greco – Domenikos Theotokopoulos. Born in Candia, Crete in 1541 Studied in Italy under Titian Influenced by Rafael, Titian(Tiziano ), y Michelangelo ( Miguel Ángel )

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el greco domenikos theotokopoulos1
El Greco – DomenikosTheotokopoulos
  • Born in Candia, Crete in 1541
  • Studied in Italy under Titian
  • Influenced by Rafael, Titian(Tiziano), y Michelangelo ( Miguel Ángel)
  • Was very critical of Michelangelo – extended offer to Pope to repaint the Sistine Chapel
  • Is known as the most religious painterof the Spanish artists
  • Moved to Spain – Toledo was the religious capital at the time
  • Was hoping to paint for the king and win his favor by doing some paintings for Felipe II for El Escorial – a new monastery
el greco domenikos theotokopoulos2
El Greco – DomenikosTheotokopoulos
  • • Was commissioned to paint for the Church of Santo Domingo el Antiguo – El Espolio, and Trinity and Assumption of the Virgin (Chicago Art Institute), Painted 2 for the king: Allegory of the Holy League and Maryrdom of St. Maurice and the king didn’t like them, so he didn’t contract him to paint, possibly for mixing living people in religious paintings
  • Was NOT a court painter
  • Spent the majority of his life in Toledo, painting portraits for money, paintings for the church, sculpture, and architecture, and surrounded himself with intellectuals of the time.
  • Never married, but had 1 son, Jorge with Jerónima de las Cuevas

• Died in 1614

  • He lived well but wasn’t rich
  • ObraMaestra – “El Entierro del CondeOrgáz” and “Asunción de la Virgen”
  • He was considered Spanish for his mixed Greek, Italian, and Spanish style, and his dedication to religion
el greco domenikos theotokopoulos his style
El Greco – DomenikosTheotokopoulosHis Style

• 3 themes: portraits, landscapes, and religious scenes from the Bible

  • Spiritual, religious, mystical

• Rich in bright, brilliant and contrasting dark colors

  • Independent in organization of space
  • Elongation of figures and bodies, eerie
  • Idealist painting, not realist
  • Horror Vacue: fear of unused space, but did leave some unworked, portraits
  • Supernatural
  • 2-3 levels in paintings
  • Cold and pale figures
  • Preferred color over form, Picasso called his form cubist
  • Interweaves time and space, uses figures to join heaven and earth
  • Light in paintings comes from unseen sources
  • Was not really appreciated until early 1900’s