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Project partners

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Intelligent platform for supervision and control of distributed generation and customer demands in active distribution networks - SUPERMEN -. Project partners. About project partners. Project partners were chosen to cover all aspects of proposed project

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Project partners

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project partners

Intelligent platform for supervision and control of distributed generation and customer demands in active distribution networks- SUPERMEN -

Project partners

about project partners

Project partners were chosen to cover all aspects of proposed project

  • ISKRA MIS is a project coordinator and a developer of all necessary equipment (PCCI – point of common coupling interface)
  • SOLVERA LYNX is responsible for main communication connectivity and final user interface software
  • ELEKTRO GORENJSKA is a local utility company, which acts as a user of services provided within project
  • GORENJSKE ELEKTRARNE is an owner of DER, which were included into project, and also a user of services provided within project
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Power Institute Milan Vidmarsupported project with their expertise in a field of influence of DER to distributionnetwork and with requirements for project results
project description
Project description

Theprojectaddresses distributed generationimpacts on distributionnetwork by implementing the concept of virtual power plant.

The main objectives of the project:

Study, development and demonstration ofsmartgrid infrastructure.

Demonstration of basic applications forsupervision and control of distributedresources and energy management.

To buildan IT infrastructure for further development anddemonstrationof new servicesand applications.

The project focuses mostly on small distributed energy resources in LV and MV distribution networks.

project description1
Project description


  • The system consists of:
  • Point-of-Common-Coupling Interfaces (PCCI)
  • Virtual Power Plant Control Centre (VPP CC)

Standard protocols are used:

PCCI - VPP CC: IEC 61850


IEC 60870-5-104/101, IEC 60870-6 ICCP

VPP CC - users: HTTP / HTTPS (WEB services, WEB portal)

project description2
Project description

PCCI (Pointofcommoncouplinginterface)


  • PCCI is used for a simple, standardized connection of micro and small generation of electricity from distributed resources to the distribution network.
  • PCCI functionalities include:
  • remote monitoring and control,
  • communication with the control center,
  • power quality monitoring according to EN 50160,
  • possibility of controlling compensation devices,
  • various protection functions (voltage, frequency, island operation, etc.),
  • monitoringofenvironmentalconditions.




IEC 61850



Modbus, SPA,...


  • Measuring Centre




Analog input

project description3
Project description

Virtual Power Plant Control Centre software

  • The main functions of the VPP CC software:
  • Two-way communications with PCCinterfaces(data acquisition, controls, alarms)
  • Two-way communications with DSO’s or TSO’s control center’s systems (EMS/SCADA/DMS)
  • Applications and user interfaces for:
    • DG operators
    • VPP operators
    • Market operators
  • System configuration and usermanagement
  • Data archiving and event logging
project results
Project results
  • Demo systemconfiguration
project results1
Project results
  • The main technical accomplishments of the project SUPERMEN can be summarized as follows:
  • PCCI was developed using protocol IEC 61850, including two-way DG unit control (on-off, parameterization, generation control, quality control) and data acquisition/metering,
  • Virtual Power Plant middleware software was developed using service oriented architecture, suitable for versatile users (virtual power plant operators, control centres, DG unit owners, etc.),
  • The PCCI devices and the VPP CC software were tested through the first demonstration of the SUPERMEN system. The demonstration system included installation and configuration of PCCIs and installation and configuration of VPP CC software. Five PCCIs were installed. PCCIs were connected to the net using local available network or GPRS network. Protocol IEC 61850 was used for communication with VPP CC. Communications were secured by using VPN. Integration with the SCADA system was done by using an OPC tunneller and OPC server for the IEC 60870-5-101 protocol, which was required by the DSO Elektro Gorenjska.