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Promotion and Marketing of Video Games PowerPoint Presentation
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Promotion and Marketing of Video Games

Promotion and Marketing of Video Games

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Promotion and Marketing of Video Games

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  1. Promotion and Marketing of Video Games

  2. What will we need to cover? • Popular Websites • Popular Magazines • Popular Publishers • Popular Games for ALL audiences/genres

  3. How are they marketed? Print Motion Trailers (TV/cinema, trailers on Play, Amazon Radio adverts Demos/downloads Viral video adverts via youtube/blogset/etc In-game advertising • Posters- billboards, point-of-sale advertising • Cover art • Gaming magazine adverts • Websites for game or promoter • Blogs/forums

  4. Other ways… • Celebrity endorsement- they play the game, they are in the game • Word of mouth • Gaming conventions • Selling products inspired from the game

  5. Video Game Magazines • In the exam you may be asked to: • Create a new magazine promoting video games • Explain or evaluate how effective that magazine will be • Be able to identify codes and conventions of magazines and video games

  6. What do we already know about this magazine? What can we say about the magazine’s links to video games?

  7. Different types of Magazines General Gaming Magazine Specific Console Magazine

  8. Activity • Find two examples of the video game magazines discussed in lesson • Annotate and compare the two magazines • Consider their audience and how they are used in the promotion of Video Games

  9. PMVG Websites

  10. What do I need to know about Websites? • How they are used to promote and market video games • How they are used by gamers- reviews, to play on, etc • Website terminology to show understanding of codes and conventions

  11. Website Lingo Headings- titles of pages and stories Copy- body of text you see Hyperlinks- links to send you to stories or photos Scrolling Text- areas of text a user can scroll through, lots of text in small frame Images- pictures to go with headlines or stories, sometimes as a link Video- video to correlate with stories Sound- same as above Navigation-

  12. More Website Lingo Drop-down menu- arrow at end of box, user makes choice of what to see or where to go Search Box- type words to search for topic Banners- found on top of website, ‘skyscrapers’ contain adverts Thumbnails- smaller images of larger images Frames- content of website broken up by frames, easier to read Blog- written account, informal Podcast- video or audio story/interview directly to Ipod or MP3 player Homepage- main page of website

  13. Video Games News and Info

  14. Gaming Website (to play games on)

  15. Official Games Websites

  16. Activity • Using the website terminology, please annotate each of the websites discussed in lesson • Remember the denotation and the connotation

  17. Popular Gaming Websites • • • • • •

  18. Posters and Print Adverts

  19. Video Game Trailers

  20. PMVG by Trailers • On TV • Viral- youtube, vimeo • Scroll over advert online • Before films

  21. Trailers • Follow similar conventions of Film Trailers • Explore some sort of story line • Clear what type of game it will be • Clear who the audience is