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CREATIVITY. Helping children to develop creativity. Definitions of Creativity. “Creativity is the process of individual experience which enhances self. It’s the expression of one’s uniqueness”. Michael Andrews

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Helping children to develop creativity

definitions of creativity
Definitions of Creativity
  • “Creativity is the process of individual experience which enhances self. It’s the expression of one’s uniqueness”. Michael Andrews
  • “The creative person is both more primitive and more cultured, more destructive and more constructive, crazier and saner, than the average”. Frank Barron
definitions of creativity1
Definitions of Creativity
  • “Creative learners learn by questioning, inquiring, searching, manipulating, even playing around, but always trying to find the truth”. J.P. Guilford
  • Creativity is an instinct which ALL PEOPLE POSSESS, an instinct with which we are born. Creativity, the ability to explore and investigate, belongs to one’s basic drives, a drive without which man could not exist. Viktor Lowenfeld
one from two
  • 1. Write down something that is battery operated: ______________
  • 2. Write down a kitchen item: ____________
  • 3. Force fit the two items to make one item and add some wheels. Draw a picture and name your new invention.
creative characteristics sensory awareness

Sensory awareness

Aesthetic sensitivity, sense of beauty

Openness to total sensing (synaesthesia)

Subjective reality

Imagination, uses imagery

C.B. Bruch, 1981 UG


Atrophy of sensory awareness

concrete, functional

Closedness, or minimal, single sense awareness

Objective reality

Absence of, or limited fantasy, imagery

Creative CharacteristicsSENSORY AWARENESS
creative characteristics independence

Assertive, influence others



Sense of creative (self) destiny



Passive, fears expression of aggression



Gregarious, seeks socialization, prefers group problem solving

Low self-concept as creative

Creative CharacteristicsINDEPENDENCE
creative characteristics cognitive openness

Sensitivity to problems, gaps

Risks new experiences

Tolerance for ambiguity, less structured

Tolerance for disorder



Traditional; prefers status quo

Prefers known; avoids, fears unknown

Prefers structure; seeks early closure

Requires order, balance, symmetry; sequential, linear, not holistic

Rigid; stereotyped

Creative CharacteristicsCOGNITIVE OPENNESS
the right answer
The Right Answer

Is it A, B, C, D, or E?

eight basic characteristics of creativity lowenfeld
Eight Basic Characteristics of Creativity (LOWENFELD)
  • Sensitivity – experience and express
  • Fluency – verbal and non-verbal
  • Flexibility – adjust quickly and change rapidly
  • Originality – new and novel ideas
  • Redefinition/reorganization – rearrange, shift, known to unknown
  • Abstraction – analyze parts, see relationships
  • Synthesizing – combine into a new whole
  • Organization – put parts together
around the circle
Around the Circle

useful heavy potable

durable yellow expensive small mobile

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