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By Group 2 Members : 陈楚艺 陈斯敏 吴雪文 黄韵洁 叶永昌 PowerPoint Presentation
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By Group 2 Members : 陈楚艺 陈斯敏 吴雪文 黄韵洁 叶永昌

By Group 2 Members : 陈楚艺 陈斯敏 吴雪文 黄韵洁 叶永昌

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By Group 2 Members : 陈楚艺 陈斯敏 吴雪文 黄韵洁 叶永昌

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  1. By Group 2 Members:陈楚艺 陈斯敏 吴雪文 黄韵洁 叶永昌

  2. History of Neutrogena corporation began its success story in 1930 when founder Emanuel Stolaroff started a small specialty cosmetic company called Natone. Became a member of the Johnson & Johnsons family of company since 1994

  3. Neutrogena’s target market The target consumers of Neutrogena are well-educated young ladies whose ages range from 20 to 35. The majority of its target consumers goes to the office ladies while part of them are students.

  4. Neutrogena’s market mix • 1 Product • 2 Price • 3 Promotion • 4 Place

  5. Neutrogena the #1 Dermatologist Recommended skincare brand offers a wide range of the world’s most loved beauty and skin care products lines which included the trademark Neutrogena cleansing bars, as well as several types of cleansers, toners, deep pore treatments, moisturizers, lotions, and acne treatments.

  6. Neutrogena’s detailed product line Cleanser Acne Moisturizers Anti-aging Body&Bath Cosmetics Hair Men

  7. Promotion: personal selling • Free samples left in dermatologists' offices and repeated visits each year led to Neutrogena's unrivaled success in the soap market. As of 1981, a dedicated force, comprising 16 out of 66 salespersons, was assigned the sole responsibility of visiting 5,000 dermatologists each year, developing personal relationships with advocates in the profession.

  8. Promotion: advertising • Promotions for Neutrogena's new acne cleansing soap in teen publications offered a free trial-size bar. The ads proclaimed, "If you have acne, we need your help," and Neutrogena asked teens to send a quarter (to cover handling) and to give the company honest answers about the success of the soap. Over 57,000 teenagers sent in their quarters, constituting the highest response in the company's history, and a newly penetrated market

  9. Place • In its early years: its cosmetics were distributed to beauty salons related to the Hollywood film industry and by 1940s ,the cosmetics could be sold in some retail markets,while its cleansing bars were distributed to department stores and drug stores as well as getting close relations to two institutions: dermatologists and luxury hotels. • Nowadays, consumers can buy the Neutrogena’s products in some supermarkets such as the Walson’s etc.

  10. Price VS

  11. Price • The price of Neutrogena’s products is comparatively lower than that of the CLINIQUE. Because the price is based on Neutrogena’s target market----well-educated young ladies whose ages range from 20 to 35, who can afford Neutrogena’s products.

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