experience enhanced search experience with blekko n.
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Experience Enhanced Search Experience with Blekko PowerPoint Presentation
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Experience Enhanced Search Experience with Blekko

Experience Enhanced Search Experience with Blekko

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Experience Enhanced Search Experience with Blekko

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  1. Experience Enhanced Search Experience with Blekko

  2. Imagine your frustration when you wish to find some information about your recurring back pain and you are directed to a sham website that is selling some shady slimming pills. • Blekko, the new age search engine, is launched with the specific purpose of delivering you quality results from the most trusted of sites. This search engine provides you with a hassle-free search experience by delivering you the exact information you are looking for. • A high degree of human involvement ensures that this search engine does not like other sites rely only on specific algorithms to find content on the World Wide Web. Experience and expertise of its users are taken into account before results are delivered.

  3. History of Blekko • Blekko, the internet search engine, made its entry into the market in 2010. Critics and analysts were not too enthusiastic about its prospects. • They were not being blamed, as it was a Herculean task for any startup to challenge the might of search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Bing. • Moreover, their apprehension gained weight from the fact that quite a few search engine startups, which had entered the market during the same time, had sank without a trace.

  4. Top management of this latest entrant to the highly lucrative as well as competitive market was aware of this fact. They knew that they had to bring in something revolutionary to the market in order to survive. • They wanted it to position as a search engine that delivers spam free results. It has been close to three years since the search engine was launched. • Not only has it survived the cut throat competition but also managed to draw the attention of quite a few venture capitalists. This speaks volume about the unique concept that this search engine has brought to the marketplace.

  5. History of Blekko • Blekko, like any other search engine, makes use of complex algorithm equation to source content from the net. What differentiates it from the rest is the fact that results are delivered only from quality sites known for their reliable content. • Users of this search engine get a pleasant surprise when they realize that they do not have to waste time and effort going through a lot of bogus sites. Winners like to chart their own course and this search engine has been proving it since its inception. • It is often seen that you cannot have the best of both worlds, when it comes to search engines and results displayed by them. Search engine users have to trade either quality with quantity or vice versa. • This is not surprising, as when it comes to result displayed by major search engines, quality often shares an inverse relationship with quantity.

  6. Net users will vouch for the fact that search results returned by major search engines score high on quantity but low on quality. • Blekko is a consumer facing, new-age search engine that ensures to the fullest that quantity in no way comes in way of quality. The result displayed by this search engine may not be as high as those displayed by others. • This, in fact, works in its favor as well as that of the user, as it becomes much easier for a net user to find the information he has been looking for on the World Wide Web. • The result displayed is from the most trusted and quality sites. Users can find anything online with this reputable search engine with the utmost assurance that the information they are going to get will be relevant, trustworthy, and free from any harmful content.

  7. Freedom from Spam • It is truly said that crooks think one step ahead and internet is too lucrative a market for them to ignore. They use unscrupulous techniques to manipulate their rankings on the web. • This search engine differs from these well-known search engines, as it displays results taking in account the usage pattern of its consumers. • According to industry reports, the number of spam messages in 2012 reached trillions. There is little a person can do other than grinding his/her teeth in frustration after seeing their inbox box stuffed with unsolicited messages and ads. • Low barrier to entry and almost negligible cost has made spamming the favorite activity of unscrupulous organizations and webmasters. • Users are subjected to different frauds on a daily basis, thanks to this scourge of spamming. Internet service providers also suffer a lot, as they have to add extra bandwidth to cope up with the deluge of spam.

  8. Izik for Smartphone • Not content with delivering an enhanced search experience for internet users, Blekko launched a unique application called Izik for users of smart phones running Android operating system, the iPad, and Nook tablets. • This application enables quick decision making by delivering multiple information on a single platform with tools that let you navigate effortlessly through the results that have been organized into categories.

  9. Thank you • Blekko • • 130 Shoreline Drive, Suite 200 • Redwood City, CA 94065