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Power Presentations CHAPTER 3

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Power Presentations CHAPTER 3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Power Presentations CHAPTER 3

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  1. Power Presentations CHAPTER 3

  2. Image Impact of the Individual The year is 1607. You have just sailed across the ocean and arrived in a strange land. Your family has traveled to the eastern coast of North America in search of freedom and prosperity. Your first task in the new land is to decide what you need to do to survive. What dangers would you face as a settler?

  3. • What do you need to survive in the wilderness? • This settlement is actually a fort, with an armed force and high fences. What reasons might there be for building a fort? •  What kind of settlement would you build?

  4. 1585 First English colony established at Roanoke. 1607 John Smith and other English settlers establish Jamestown. 1620 Pilgrims land at Plymouth. 1630 Puritans found Massachusetts Bay Colony. 1664 England takes New Amsterdam from Dutch. 1675 King Philip’s War erupts. 1681 William Penn receives charter for Pennsylvania. 1692 Salem witchcraft trails are held. 1732 Colony of Georgia is founded by James Oglethorpe. To World Image

  5. 1587 Foreign missionaries are banished from Japan. 1588 England defeats Spanish Armada. 1605 Akbar, Mughal emperor of India, dies. 1649 Charles I of England is beheaded. 1660 English monarchy is restored. 1688 William and Mary take power in Britain’s Glorious Revolution. Back to U.S. Back to Home

  6. Main Idea Two early English colonies failed, but Jamestown survived—partly through individual effort and hard work. Why It Matters Now Jamestown’s survival led to more English colonies and a lasting English influence in the United States.

  7. England and Spainwere political rivals. SpanishArmada defeated. FOUNDING OF JAMESTOWN England wantedcolonies toincrease trade. What events led to the founding of Jamestown?

  8. • Why did the first English settlement at Roanoke fail? • How did the English finance their colonies after 1606? • What was the outcome of Bacon’s Rebellion?

  9. Think About • how, after the “starving time,” Lord De La Warr took control • John Rolfe’s development of a high-grade tobacco plant Drawing Conclusions What were the main reasons thatJamestown survived and prospered? Back to Home

  10. Religion influenced the settlement andgovernment of the New England colonies. Map Main Idea Why It Matters Now The Puritan work ethic and religious beliefs influence American culture today.

  11. Everyone attended church services. Amusements were frowned upon. NEWENGLAND WAY Education was emphasized. Puritans had a strong work ethic. Image What were some aspects of the New England Way?

  12. • What is the Mayflower Compact? • What is the meaning of the term the “Great Migration”? • What were some of the causes of King Philip’s War?

  13. Think About • Squanto • Chief Massasoit • King Philip’s War Recognizing Effects What impact did the arrival of the English in New England have on the Native Americans? Back to Home

  14. Main Idea The founding of the Middle and Southerncolonies provided settlers with many economic opportunities. Why It Matters Now America is still a place where immigrantsseek freedom and economic opportunity.

  15. CAUSES EFFECTS Penn founded Pennsylvania. Image What was an effect of each of the following causes? English attackedNew Netherland. New Netherlandthreat to English. English attacked Quakers. African slaveswere used. Laborers neededin Carolinas. Georgia becamea royal colony. Oglethorpe toostrict in Georgia.

  16. • What were the goals of the patroon system? • What three Middle Colonies offered religious freedom? • What were three crops grown in the Southern Colonies?

  17. Think About • the crops being grown, such as tobacco, rice, and indigo • the nature of farm work Analyzing Causes Why did colonists in Maryland and the Carolinas enslave Native Americans and use African slaves? Back to Home


  19. 1 What were the reasons given by Richard Hakluyt that England should start a colony? 2 Why were Jamestown and Plymouth financed by joint-stock companies? 3 How did John Rolfe change the Virginia colony? 4 What was John Winthrop’s vision for Massachusetts Bay? 5 What was the system of government in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

  20. 6 What were some of the effects of King Philip’s War? 7 Why did Charles II want New Netherland? 8 What were relations like between Native Americans and settlers in Pennsylvania? 9 What was the Toleration Act of 1649? 10 What sorts of crops were particularly well suited to the soil and climate in the Southern colonies?

  21. Virginia1607 Massachusetts1620 New Hampshire1623 New York1624 Maryland1632 Rhode Island1636 Connecticut1636 Delaware1638 Pennsylvania1681 South Carolina1663 North Carolina1663 New Jersey1664 Georgia1732 Sequencing Events ESTABLISHED13 COLONIES Back to Home

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