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Team Marshmallow Pie

Team Marshmallow Pie

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Team Marshmallow Pie

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  1. Team Marshmallow Pie Freddy Rivera Julie Unson Christin Jow Monica Adargas Steve Tran Ashley Faytol

  2. Gender Socialization Presenter: Freddy Rivera Freddy

  3. Gender Socialization Does anyone know what this is? Categorized from birth Freddy

  4. Top 5 Myths About Girls, Math and Science • Girls cannot be motivated in STEM by parents • Interventions help girls but not boys • No teacher bias • STEM curriculum weeds out girls unfairly • Boys are more interested in STEM than girls Freddy

  5. Barbara Barres (Left)Ben Barres (Right) M.D., Ph.D.  Professor of Neurobiology and Developmental BiologyStanford University Bachelors at MIT Medical degree from Dartmouth Taught as a woman at first Colleagues comments bias Freddy

  6. Inventive Capability in Women Examples Inventor Invention • First type of inventions were for kitchen (peelers, ovens, stoves, steam cookers) Emeline Hart Ann Pike (others before) Amanda Theodisia Jones Commercial oven in 1873 Anti-itch ointment in 1760 Canning and drying food process Freddy

  7. Why are there so few women inventors? Presenter: Julie Unson

  8. Why are there so few women inventors? Women have not been recorded in history. Julie Unson

  9. Why do we know so few? Julie Unson

  10. Reasons: Julie Unson 1. Time 2. Costs 3. Property of their husbands 4. Lack of expertise 5. Self-image

  11. Reasons: Julie Unson 1. Time Example: Time occupied by family and household chores.

  12. Reasons: Julie Unson 2. Costs Example: Housewives lack the necessary amount of funds to put into an invention.

  13. Reasons: Julie Unson 3. Property of their husbands Example: Patents for any invention would become the property of their husbands.

  14. Reasons: Julie Unson 4. Lack of expertise Example: Women did not have access to the same education as men did.

  15. Reasons: Julie Unson 5. Self-image Example: Recognition for achievements were once considered to be unladylike.

  16. Historical criteria for “significance”. Standards for “importance”. Julie Unson

  17. Criteria for “significance”: Julie Unson 1. Technological Impact 2. Economic Impact

  18. Criteria for “significance”: Julie Unson 1. Technological Impact 2. Economic Impact 3. Human Impact

  19. Women in the History of Technology By: Christin Jow Christin Jow Christin Jow

  20. Women Limitations • Cultural stereotypes • Limited educational opportunities • Excluded from professional societies • Women in engineering increased by approximately 70% from 1989-1999 • Lack of economic power and legal rights Christin Jow Christin Jow

  21. Who do they give the credit to? -women gave their credits to their husband, father, brother, or male partner Christin Jow Christin Jow

  22. What did some of the women invent? -Agriculture: -digging sticks, cultivators, and early plows • Processing of Foods: • tools for grinding roots and grains • drying, jerking, smoking, and pickling for the storage of perishable food items Christin Jow Christin Jow

  23. -Clothing: - weaving, sewing, spinning, looms, spindles, softening, bleaching, and dyeing techniques and equipments -Medical: -some herbal medicines, medical beds, field ambulances, stretchers, and splints due to their responsibility of caring for the young, old, and sick • Cooking: -apple peelers, mechanical mixers, stoves, ovens, and steam cookers Christin Jow Christin Jow

  24. Some Women Inventors • Nancy Johnson (1843): Hand-crank ice cream freezer • Mary Howson (1789): boiler • Amanda Theodosia Jones- (1873): vacuum canning process for preserving food • Mary Engle Pennington: frozen fruits, vegatables, and fish Christin Jow Christin Jow

  25. What about today? -education for women improved -women are more accepted -their contributions are now more widely recognized -Women’s History Month in March: allow us to remember the history of women inventors, the fight for equal opportunity, and the fight against predjudice Christin Jow Christin Jow

  26. What is the Matriarchy Perplex? A social system in which the mother is head of the family, which involves the questioning of power and status of women’s roles throughout history. Presenter: Monica Adargas

  27. Work Specialization and Power • Early civilizations women had equalitywithin work and power. • Women did contribute slightly more work, and therefore creating more of an advantage for them. Monica Adargas

  28. What Changed? • A male power shift occurred during the Paleolithic period due to new technology. • These inventions paved the way for male specialization. Monica Adargas

  29. Power Theory • Peggy Sanday’s Theory of Power Relationships between sexes and their contribution to the Economy Monica Adargas

  30. Power Theory • Women’s status and power relations between the sexes are best when economic work contribution is approximately equal. Monica Adargas

  31. KARL MARX AND CONFLICT THEORY Presenter: Steve Tran

  32. Karl Marx • Published Communist Manifesto • Most famous for social conflict theory • Prophesized social rebellion by working class Steve Tran

  33. Classes Steve Tran

  34. Social Conflict Steve Tran Witnessed struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat during Industrial Revolution Foresaw uprising by working class Class influenced by property, regardless of income or social status Progression of society  homogenization of classes  struggle for power Will lead to collapse of class division and eventual revolution by proletariat

  35. Take Over Theory Presenter: Ashley Faytol

  36. Specializations • Cultivation a woman’s specialization • Population boom made dependence on agriculture products to go up • Projectile Weapons • Power • Controversy Ashley Faytol

  37. Religion • Worship of a single male deity • Women’s place became very fixed • Christianity Ashley Faytol

  38. The EndThank You!