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Solar Power Energy

Solar Power Energy. Let’s try not to use fossil fuels!! . How It Works- Dakhi. The sun’s energy comes from its core and goes though the convection and radiation zone.to escape the sun’s photosphere in the form of a ray. The ray has electrical and magnetic energy (electromagnetic energy).

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Solar Power Energy

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  1. Solar Power Energy Let’s try not to use fossil fuels!!

  2. How It Works-Dakhi • The sun’s energy comes from its core and goes though the convection and radiation zone.to escape the sun’s photosphere in the form of a ray. • The ray has electrical and magnetic energy (electromagnetic energy). • The solar panels have photovoltaic cells (PV cells) that absorb the rays. • The PV cell instantly convert the rays into electricity. • Each cell produces 1 to 2 volts of electricity.

  3. BENFITS?—Nina Solar energy can be used anywhere for almost anything. The sun will last for another 5 billion years and it’s the longest last renewable resource.

  4. Consequences—gavin Some of the materials are very rare. Therefore it would be very hard to find these materials. If bad weather occurs over and over again we have to replace in 40 to 80 years. Will all the solar energy be enough to power a energy source? That is all my consequences for solar energy.

  5. Location:-Taylor Solar Energy can be used in California, Florida, Virginia, Texas, and there desserts. The location can’t be where it rains all the time because you would not have no energy even though it absorbs the energy into the solar panels it will not last that long.

  6. Limit:- Taylor The limit is if it is on your house and the clouds are blocking the sun. You will almost run out of energy if it is for 1 whole day. Solar Panels will become more popular over the years. Then everyone would have at least 1.There would be none left. So far a lot of deserts have them because it’s soooo hot and the people want air. This can last for 40- 80 years

  7. Assimilate—gavin • It fits in by using the sun as its energy source. It fits in by using the environment around it and containing it. Also it fits in with wind and water energy they use energy and they all don’t don’t pollute the air.

  8. TRANSPORTATION—Nina The sun might drive you to school one day! Solar power can power cars, boats, and flying vehicles. In fact in 2001 a solar wing (flying object) had its test flight.

  9. Compared to fossil fuels –Gavin The fossil fuels gives us energy but it’s polluting and damaging the environment. Solar power uses the sun and it doesn’t cost many to run peoples homes. Also power doesn’t cost money to run peoples homes. Also solar power doesn't pollute the air and the environment around it. So that’s why solar energy is more efficient than fossil fuels.

  10. Materials-Dakhi • Photovoltaic cells • Semi conducting material • Boron • Backing contact • Transparent cover • Polycrystalline-silicon • Diode • Jones plug • Battery

  11. COST?—Nina Solar panels are relatively cheap BUT…. The silicone used to make the panel is in high demand and not cheep.

  12. Pollution:-Taylor Sometimes what solar panels are made of can pollute if so it needs to be fixed. Solar energy can help people because well we don’t have a lot of fossil fuels left. If we use more solar power stuff and less fossil fuels we can have some fossil fuels left when we do run out of solar energy.

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