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Solar Energy: Importance of Solar Electric Power PowerPoint Presentation
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Solar Energy: Importance of Solar Electric Power

Solar Energy: Importance of Solar Electric Power

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Solar Energy: Importance of Solar Electric Power

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  1. Solar Energy: Importance of Solar Electric Power

  2. Why is solar energy so important? Have you ever wondered about this question? You are not alone; with all of the talk in the world stage; it is now a common question that is very important to ask. But before you understand why solar energy and electricity is important, you should have a good knowledge of what solar energy is. Produced by the sun, solar energy is an infinite energy source and the one and only reason for existence of life on earth. Solar energy can be used to create electricity like any other source of energy and best of all, it is completely free and you don’t have to compromise the environment to use it. Solar electricity can be used to power a small calculator or a watch, and even to run an entire city. With that kind of versatility, it is a great energy source today and will be one of the prime energy sources to produce electricity in near future, because all the traditional sources of energy production will be finished within 40-60 years. Some of the ways solar electricity is being used today are:

  3. To power up homes and businesses * Cars* Water and pool heaters* Thermal heating solutions for both residential and commercial use* to run small daily use appliances such as coffee roasters, emergency lights, watches, etc. • As you know, fossil fuels such as gas and oil, which are our prime energy source today, are not renewable. The day will soon come, when mankind will run out of these non-renewable energy sources and will either need to come up with a new energy sources or go back to the life of Stone Age. Even fossil fuels create great pollution in the environment, which affect waterways, air and even the food we eat. Another demerit of the traditional energy sources we use is, these energy sources are too expensive. But using solar energy to produce electricity is an eco-friendly tactic. It is easy to produce and inexpensive.

  4. In near future, solar electricity will be the primary source of energy for mankind. This will lead to a clean, green environment and a healthier world. You don’t have spent thousands every month. Just install some solar panels and you are finished. It’s a onetime investment and you don’t have to worry about electricity bills anymore.  It also requires very little maintenance, which is very friendly to your pocket and will only have to be done once or twice in a year. At ReNu Energy Solutions, we offer quality solar panels and many other energy efficiency solutions for both residential and commercial purpose in Charlotte and its nearby areas. Dial (704) 525-6767 to order or to consult with our experts. Use solar energy and help to make a pollution-free, green environment for your next generation.

  5. ReNu Energy Solutions 4324 Barringer Drive, Suite 108,Charlotte, NC 28217 Phone (704) 525-6767 Thank You