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Antonio Dobado
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Antonio Dobado

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  1. Taller de Física de Altas Energías 2006 Quantum Field Theory (The theoretical framework of the Standard Model) (July, 2006) Antonio Dobado Facultad de Ciencias Físicas Universidad Complutense

  2. IV THE STANDARD MODEL 1. The Elements of the Standard Model 2. The Lagrangian of the SM 3. The Cabbibo-Kowayashi-Maskawa matrix 4. The Physics Beyond the Standard Model

  3. g t g b nt Z W t 1. THE ELEMENTS OF THE STANDARD MODEL u c Quarks Gauge Bosons d s Leptons ne nm e m Higgs I II III Three generations of matter H

  4. Matter fields: Quarks Leptons Gauge fields: a) Strong Interactions (Quantum Cromodynamics) Gauge group adjoint representation Gluon fields fundamental representation Quark fields

  5. experimentally for example Properties: I) Asymptotic freedom II) Confinement b) Electroweak Interactions (GWS model) Gauge group SU(2) doublets SSB gauge bosons Properties: I) C and P violating (Chiral ) II) CP conserving III) Short range (W, Z)

  6. 2. THE LAGRANGIAN OF THE SM I) Yang-Mills: Gauge transformations

  7. II) Matter: Covariant derivaives couplings Hypercharge assignements in the SM

  8. III) Symmetry Breaking Sector: The problem of masses in the SM Gauge symmetry Chiral gauge symmetry The solution is the Higgs mechanism with Yukawa couplings to give masses to the W, Z and fermions.

  9. Introduce a complex doublet SBS lagrangian covariant derivative SSB Mass matrix for the W and B

  10. Diagonalizing Massless and coupled to charge (photon) Weak or Weinberg angle mixing electron charge In addition we get the Higgs field with mass

  11. Yukawa terms: Yukawa coupling matrices: Fermionic mass matrices The the SM lagrangian is:

  12. Structure of the Standard Model Gauge Couplings Matter Sector Gauge Sector Yukawa Couplings Gauge Couplings Symmetry Breaking Sector

  13. 3. THE CABBIBO-KOBAYASHI-MASKAWA MATRIX Diagonalizing the fermionic mass matrices In terms of the eigenstates the Yukawa terms read: Vector interactions do not change

  14. But: No Flavour Changing Neutral Currents Cabbibo-Kowayashi-Maskawa matrix: unitary # real independent parmeters after rephasing one (Cabbibo) angle three angles and one phase  CP violation

  15. 4. THE PHYSICS BEYOND THE STANDARD MODEL 1. Gravity 2. The Origin of the EWSB and CP Violation 3. Neutrino Masses 4. The Dark Matter and the Dark Energy of the Universe

  16. Fin de la cuarta parte

  17. Muchas gracias por vuestra atención