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Recruiting / Screening New Faculty

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Recruiting / Screening New Faculty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recruiting / Screening New Faculty. Campus Management Training Session Sponsored by the Department of Human Resources SPRING 2006. The Vacancy. New position? Turn-over vacancy? Re-defined position?. Define the position. Dean confers with Provost Determine scope of duties

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recruiting screening new faculty

Recruiting / Screening New Faculty

Campus Management Training Session Sponsored by the Department of

Human Resources


the vacancy
The Vacancy
  • New position?
  • Turn-over vacancy?
  • Re-defined position?
define the position
Define the position
  • Dean confers with Provost
    • Determine scope of duties
    • Determine required education, experience
    • Determine preferred education, experience, credentials, abilities
    • Be specific!
  • Further college aims?
addressing diversity
Addressing Diversity
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
    • Degree
    • School
  • Related Occupational Experience
  • Age
  • Gender
before advertising the position
Before advertising the position…
  • Deans prepare/review a written position description (Notice of Vacancy [NOV])
    • Develop clear, concise position description
    • Determine expectations of person to be selected
    • Decide minimum & desired qualifications
    • Determine application closing & review date
    • Decide the application material to be submitted
  • Identify selection criteria
  • Develop recruiting strategy & plan of action
while advertising the position
While advertising the position…
  • Deans organize & prepare the search committee
    • Decide optimal size
    • Ensure diversity in committee composition
    • Charge committee with its responsibility
    • Establish screening procedures
    • Train committee members
  • Deans form screening / interview committee (s)
while advertising the position1
While advertising the position…
  • Review advertisement with committee (s)
  • Develop screening matrix
    • Based on advertisement, notice of vacancy
    • Work with screening committee
      • Anticipate information to come in
      • How to read credentials
      • How to mark matrix
matrix preferred format
Matrix – preferred format

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION FACULTY VACANCY, #FO060 (Col. 3, VCCS-29) Reviewer______________________

Advertisement: Effective January 02, 2002. Teach 15 credits per semester in Education and Early Childhood Education. Advise Students. Provide a minimum of 10 office hours per week. Assist Division Chair to develop chourse schedules and faculty assignments. Assist campus administration, curriculum peers, and college faculty to develop courses and curricula. Perform other duties as assigned. Required: Bachelor’s degree with major in Early Childhood Education. Two years full-time related occupational experience. Positive reference addressing ability to work with children and to provide quality teaching. Desired: Master’s degree or higher with a minimum of 18 graduate semester hours in Early Childhood Education. Two years full-time teaching experience or equivalent part-time teaching experience. Demonstrated involvement in professional activities.

while advertising the position cont d
While advertising the position… (cont’d.)
  • Initial Screening of Applicants (Screening Committee – Deans should not be members of committee)
  • Checklist/Matrix
  • Discuss Candidate Recommended for Interview
    • Identify why candidates eliminated from considerations
    • Campus administrators must not prescreen applicants
    • Maintain confidences
preparing for interview
Preparing for Interview
  • If screening / interview committee same-
    • Assume qualifications have been noted
    • Develop questions that prompt candidate to clarify and/or expand on qualifications
    • Develop questions that prompt candidate to provide additional information on qualifications.
    • Develop “what if” questions that prompt candidate to react
  • Work with interview committee (if not same as screening committee)
preparing for interview cont d
Preparing for Interview (cont’d.)
  • Guidelines for Interview Process
    • Establish & Review criteria for measuring each candidate
    • Discuss how interview will be conducted
    • Devise a group of core questions to ask all candidates
    • All questions should be job-related
  • Develop teaching demonstration
    • Specific actions/traits sought in demonstration
interviewing new teaching faculty try these questions
Interviewing New Teaching Faculty?Try these Questions:
  • Questions about Teaching
    • If you have a student who is doing poorly in your class, but has not missed classes and appears to be a good student, what would you do?
    • How do you assess your students’ performances?
    • If you could teach your dream upper level specialty course, what would that be?
    • Tell us about your industry experience (if you have any)? How would you bring that experience into the classroom?
  • Questions about Department and Community Involvement
    • Why do you especially want to teach at NOVA? How do you see yourself contributing to our department?
    • We conceive of our campus as one community. What non– or extra-academic activities would you be interested in sponsoring or participating in?
    • You’ve seen our mission statement. How would you see yourself contributing to our mission and campus atmosphere?
  • Questions about Career and Personal Choices
    • Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years? In 10 years?
    • What are some of the specific things you would like to address/learn in your own professional development? How is this connected to your work as an academic?
    • What is the last book you read for fun?
    • If you get more than one job offer how will you decide between them?
    • How did you go about researching and preparing for the interview for this position?
  • Questions about Research
    • Describe your current research. Will you be continuing in this research track? What are your future research plans?
    • Can you explain the value of your work to an educated layperson?
    • Tell us how your research has influenced your teaching. In what ways have you been able to bring the insights of your research to your courses at the undergraduate level?
    • If you were to begin it again, are there any changes that you would make in your dissertation?
    • How would you manage to stay current in your teaching field and develop and teach 30 credits per academic year?
teaching demonstration
Teaching Demonstration
  • Points to look for in demonstration-
    • Clearly defined topic or title
    • Stated objective or outcome
    • Appropriate presentation of relevant material
    • Interaction with audience
    • Integration of technology, if appropriate
    • Closure
      • Specific questions related to topic and material
      • Summation
the interview process1
The Interview Process
  • Before the Interview
    • Focus on what is about to occur
    • Review the application & interview documents
    • Take a few moments to get comfortable, before the applicant enters the room
  • Convener should be clear about the purpose of the interview - the purpose will guide the process
the interview process cont d
The Interview Process (cont’d.)
  • An interview should never be dismissed as a casual conversation or be used as an excuse for interrogation
  • Enter into the interview with a positive attitude
  • Assume responsibility for beginning, directing and closing the interview
  • Make clear the limitations of the interview so that the candidate does not expect too much
the interview process cont d1
The Interview Process (cont’d.)
  • Establish Time Limit – All candidates should have the same amount of time
  • During the Interview
    • Make sure you & the applicant are as comfortable as possible
    • Establish rapport
  • Establishing a Rapport
    • Be friendly & interesting
    • Interview room should be comfortable
    • Appear unhurried
    • Accept candidate as a conversational equal
the interview process cont d2
The Interview Process (cont’d.)
  • Valid Interview Topics
    • Duties & responsibilities of the job
    • Candidate’s qualifications, abilities, experience, education and interest
    • Institution’s mission, programs, and achievements
    • Career possibilities & opportunities for growth, development, and advancement
    • Job location, mobility, travel, equipment and facilities available
the interview process cont d3
The Interview Process (cont’d)
  • You May Not Ask About…
    • Race, Color, National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Handicap, Age or Ancestry
    • Marital Status, Plans for Family, Child Care Issues
    • One’s State of Health, Weight or Height – unless specifically job-related
    • One’s Handicap – unless information is necessary to the performance of a specific job
    • If a candidate is native born or naturalized
the interview process cont d4
The Interview Process (cont’d)
  • You May Not Ask About…
    • Willingness to work on religious holidays
    • Membership in organizations that may reveal race, color, religion, sexual orientation or marital status – only inquire about job-related organizations
    • Military services other than the United States
    • Credit Rating or financial information
the interview process cont d5
The Interview Process, Cont’d.
  • Documentation (MATRIX)
    • Natural part of interview process that provides a way to preserve the information and impressions made without relying solely on memory
    • Use a simple form to document the consistency of the interview questions and keep a record of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Proper documentation supports your selection process should an EEO allegation arise
the interview process cont d6
The Interview Process, Cont’d.
  • Follow-up (Convener’s responsibility)
    • Inform the applicant of any plans to “follow-up” when closing the interview
    • Give the applicant some idea of how long the selection process takes (in consultation with HR)
  • End Interview
    • Review job expectations with candidates
    • Detail what’s next in process
    • Do not promise what you cannot deliver
  • Decision-making Process
    • Rate/rank finalist against selection criteria
    • Document rating/ranking decision
    • Communication with Academic Dean/Provost

Reimbursementdetails must be handled by last person to meet with applicant

general information

General Information

Laws Affecting the Selection Process

laws affecting the selection process
Laws Affecting the Selection Process
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964) – protects applicants against discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA, 1967) – prohibits discrimination (based on age) against anyone who is 40or older, with regards to employment
  • Equal Pay Act (1963) – prohibits wage discrimination between men & women who perform substantially the same job responsibilities
laws affecting the selection process cont d
Laws Affecting the Selection Process (cont’d.)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA,1990) – prohibits discrimination against applicants who have a disability
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act (1978) – prohibits discrimination against applicants because of pregnancy, childbirth, or other related medical conditions