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God asked me to tell you ... PowerPoint Presentation
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God asked me to tell you ...

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God asked me to tell you ... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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God asked me to tell you. It has a beautiful song Turn your sound. That everything will go well with you from now. You have been intended (a) a person to be successful and achieve all your goals. In the remaining days of this year to remove all your agonies and achieve victory.

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God asked me to

tell you ...

It has a beautiful song

Turn your sound.


Now read in a low voice ... Lord Jesus, forgive my sins. Love you too, you need to always stay in my heart,


covers with your precious blood my family, my home, my place, my job, my financial life, my dreams, my projects and my friends.


When you're in the mood to smile, call me smile that I come with you;

When you're in the mood to cry, cry, call me that I'll cry for you;

When you are looking for someone to call me that anytime I come;

When you feel that everything is finished, call me, I am coming to help you rebuild;


When you feel sad, those ugly days and cloudy, call me to make them beautiful and sunny;

When you want to hear someone say "I love you," call me I'll tell you at any time;

When you finally want to know who I am, look deep in your heart that you will find:

I AM JESUS CHRIST, I want to continue living in you. I always want more I become you FRIEND.


Believe it!

And you will be blessed for the rest of his life.

God be with you ...

A big hug!

Formatted by: Wesley Simões (Brazil)

Text: God asked me to tell you.

Music: One Man’s Drean

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