sacs casi standard 3 curriculum l.
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SACS/CASI Standard 3 Curriculum PowerPoint Presentation
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SACS/CASI Standard 3 Curriculum

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SACS/CASI Standard 3 Curriculum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SACS/CASI Standard 3 Curriculum
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  1. SACS/CASIStandard 3Curriculum A quality system offers a research-based curriculum based on clearly defined expectations for student learning that is subject to review and revision at regular intervals.

  2. Curriculum in Winn Parish 1997 Louisiana Standards & Benchmarks published. 2002-2003 Grade Level Expectations developed. School level curriculum mapping based upon GLE’s. 2005 Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum mandated by state. Content Standards and Model Course Guidelines developed for Career/Technical, Fine Arts, and Physical Education programs.

  3. Curriculum in Winn Parish Louisiana High School Diploma requirements TOPS requirements Industry-Based Certification requirements Pre-GED/Skills Option Program

  4. Curriculum in Winn Parish Collaborative team meetings Accountability testing

  5. Characteristics of Winn Parish’s Curriculum Provides for equity for all students (GLE’s, LCC, Special Education Services, Title I Resource Center, Instructional activities). Promotes an appreciation of diversity (Multi-cultural literature, Veterans Program, Black History activities).

  6. Characteristics of Winn Parish’s Curriculum Recognizes different learning styles (Group instruction, Hands-on activities, Project Read, DIBELS). Challenges students to excel (Gifted/Talented program, Field trips, Computer lab enrichment activities).

  7. Utilizes Support Materials Correlation guides LEAP, i LEAP, GEE Assessment Guides Teacher Resource Notebooks Commercially prepared materials

  8. Promotes Student Engagement Use of hands-on activities Character Counts Program Learning Centers Cooperative Learning experiences

  9. Promotes Student Engagement Experiments, simulations Constructed-response test items Discovery Learning Use of technology Use of shop equipment

  10. Allows for Modifications and Changes to the Curriculum Based upon data analysis of student performance (IOWA, LEAP, GEE, PLAN, ACT, etc). Identification of student strengths and weaknesses. Changes in instructional strategies Courses to be taught.