ideas for revamping the basement n.
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Ideas for Revamping the Basement

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Ideas for Revamping the Basement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When you hear the word basement the picture that comes straight to your mind is that part of the house that is traditionally reserved as a storage space.\n

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ideas for revamping the basement

Ideas for Revamping the Basement

When you hear the word basement the picture that comes straight to your mind is

that part of the house that is traditionally reserved as a storage space. Thanks to the

amazing effect of basement renovations that has turned this hitherto quick and most-

times creepy place into the most exciting place in the house. But however, achieving

this goal can be challenging most times especially when you don't have in mind what

exactly you want to transform your basement too. Are you faced with such

challenge? Don't worry the following ideas will help you get your desired result.

1: Turn it into personalized Home Theatre

Most persons are easily blown away by the prospect of visiting a cinema. If you are

one of such persons, you have the opportunity of bringing that electrifying cinema

experience to your home by simply transforming your basement into a home theatre.

Apart from its enormous space advantage that is guaranteed of accommodating all

of your audio and visual instruments, the basement also gives you a good

soundproofing option for your home theatre.

2: Expanded Family Space

Are you part of a very large family that barely manages its living space? If yes, why

not consider turning that basement beneath your home into an additional or an

extended living space.

3: Elbow room (Wo)Man Cave

Have you heard of the elbow room concept? This is a room that is reserved for just

Dad and his friends. It's a male-only zone most of the time. Here they get to relax

and discuss in private far from the chaotic environment of kids running around or

wives cutting in on their discussion. This is something you'll love to own in your home

but its required space often makes the dream unrealistic.

So, therefore, make good use of the space basement space and create an elbow


4 adult wreck room

4: Adult Wreck Room

Turning your basement into an adult wreck room where you and your wife can go

and have a nice time is one other good idea for basement renovation. Your kids

could barge into your room unannounced while you are in the middle of a great

loving making romp with your wife. You won't want to see the reaction on their faces.

Therefore to avoid this ugly scenario from playing itself, you'll need to renovate and

transform your basement into an adult wreck room.

Getting Started!

Before setting out on your basement renovation work, you must bear in mind that;

building codes have to consider however that depends on your location and what

you intend to transform your basement to. In addition, certain features like the

basement wiring, plumbing, heating, and cooling are supposed to be seriously

evaluated too.

In conclusion, although basement renovation can be a do-it-yourself project you can

as well enlist the services of a professional basement renovation company to handle

the project for you, especially if you are keen on getting nothing but the best from

your basement renovation work.

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