options and ideas for renovating your basement n.
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Options and Ideas for Renovating Your Basement PowerPoint Presentation
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Options and Ideas for Renovating Your Basement

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Options and Ideas for Renovating Your Basement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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>> How Your Basement Could Make an Ideal Play Room.\n>> Transform Your Basement into a Classy Lounge.\n>> Create a Second Living Room Downstairs.\n>> Turn Your Basement into a Deluxe Gym.\n

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options and ideas for renovating your basement

Options and Ideas

for Renovating

Your Basement


how your basement could make an ideal play room

How Your Basement Could

Make an Ideal Play Room

 Install an Ideal Flooring

The best flooring for a play space is soft, warm and

accommodating. It’s also simple to clean up and easy to

maintain over time. This makes rubber flooring solutions, or vinyl

options ideal for this specific purpose. They are simple to install,

they hold up well to moisture and offer excellent comfort and

easy maintainability.

 Baby Proof the Space

Once you have the flooring in, design the layout of the space

carefully to baby proof it and make it safe for your little ones. Add

in features like gates, soft edges and soft materials wherever

possible. You can set up your basement to fit all the needs of your

little one and to have toys and games for everyone to play.

how your basement could make an ideal play room 1

How Your Basement Could

Make an Ideal Play Room

 Add Shelves and Furniture

Little ones have plenty of toys and games to sort out and put

away. Add in a shelving solution to hold everything up and to

keep it all organized. Your little ones will have an easier time

putting their things away if you have a dedicated space for

everything. Work with pros to help you come up with the perfect

storage solution for your new play room.

 Test it Out and Make Adjustments

After you think you’re done creating the perfect play space, test

it out with your little one and see if there are any changes that

you want to make. Improve your space with added baby

proofing, different furniture until you finally get the perfect space

for playtime fun.

transform your basement into a classy lounge

Transform Your Basement

into a Classy Lounge

Plan out Your Space

The most difficult part of creating an exciting new space is planning the

project out from beginning to end. It’s not simple to lay out a basement to

make it into a luxurious or relaxing lounge space, but it’s important to take

your time and do the project right. Talk with expert designers, work with

contractors, look through design magazines and decide on all the elements

that you want to incorporate into your new lounge. By pulling everything

together carefully you can draw up a design plan that will get you exactly

the lounge that you’re looking for, and then you can move on to hiring

professionals to build it all for you, but don’t rush the process. Take your time

and do it right.

Finish the Basement

If you haven’t done so already, spend the money to get professionals into

your basement to finish it off. This means adding in reliable flooring that’s

moisture resistant, comfortable and stylish. Go with a flooring solution that

creates a welcoming environment while also fitting the theme of your space.

Add in insulation and wall material as well as a ceiling to your space to give

it a modern finished feel and look, and to block out any of plumbing, heat

ducts and other unfinished sections of your basement.

transform your basement into a classy lounge 1

Transform Your Basement

into a Classy Lounge

Add in Modern Lighting

Light can help make a space feel more open, comfortable and welcoming,

but only when you add in the right type. Consider adding some recessed

lighting, pendant lights or another hanging light to your space, but rely on

some daylight toned LED bulbs in the lights to help breathe life into that

underground space. You can transform your basement into a brilliant and

comfortable space just by adding in some quality lighting.

Add Décor and Furniture

After giving your basement that finished look, and brightening it up with top

grade lighting, it’s time to move on to adding in the finishing touches and

including furniture that’s going to pull the entire space together nicely. Add

in tables, bars, couches, chairs and throw rugs to infuse the space with your

style while making it comfortable to relax in. This is the part of the project

where you need to get creative, but if you aren’t sure how to finish off your

new basement lounge talk with designer professionals about how to bring

the whole space together in the end.

create a second living room downstairs

Create a Second Living

Room Downstairs

Designing and Implementing

Before you can have experts come in and transform your

basement into a beautiful sitting room, or the living room of your

dreams, you’ll have to get to work coming up with the design.

That means figuring out the layout of your space. Deciding on the

lights that you want. Choosing where furniture is going to go,

deciding on the flooring, paint colors and every other detail of the

space that you can think of.

Talking with Professionals

Creating the perfect space in your basement takes time and

work to do properly, but it’s something that you can absolutely do

with enough time and effort. The trick to getting the project right is

to hire a professional contractor or basement specialist to help

you through the transformation. Get a company that is

experience with working on basements, that will add the proper

flooring, walls and lighting to transform your space and make it


create a second living room downstairs 1

Create a Second Living

Room Downstairs

Transform Your Space

Make sure the company that you’re working with has all your

ideas for your new basement space. Talk with them at length

about the project and to make sure you’re on the same page,

and then have them get to work transforming your space into

your dream living room. It could take a week or two to complete

the project, especially if a bunch of refinishing needs to be

performed, but in the end all the wait will be worthwhile because

of your beautiful new space.

Enjoying Your New Space

Once the builders are finished and you have your new living

room, it’s time to decorate it, add in all the furniture that you like

and to make it your own special place. It will be a lovely area to

entertain guests, or a cheerful lounge to help you escape visitors.

turn your basement into a deluxe gym

Turn Your Basement into a

Deluxe Gym

Basements are Perfect for Workout Rooms

Basements make ideal workout spaces for a few different reasons.

The first is because they are more isolated and relaxing than the

main section of your home. You can likely head down to the

basement to get a good workout in before retiring back to the

chaos of your typical household. Not only that, but all your

workout equipment can be hidden away down in the basement

where all your guests aren’t going to see it.

Choosing the Perfect Gym Flooring

In a basement gym the best flooring option is undoubtedly the

thick rubber tile flooring. Not only is it comfortable to squat down

on, to do crunches on and to drop weights down onto, but it’s

more water resistant as well. Rubber tiles hold up well to the

slightly damp conditions of most finished basements, which is

another reason that they just make sense to use.

turn your basement into a deluxe gym 1

Turn Your Basement into a

Deluxe Gym

Go with Sturdy Walls

When planning out a gym in your basement it’s important to add

in good sturdy walls to the space. Make sure that contractors

create interior walls that include narrowly spaced studs, or a

tough wall-board product that’s designed to support weight. This

makes it easier to hang racks, pull up bars and other gym

accessories that you might want in your space.

Enjoy Your New Gym

Once the flooring is in, and your space is finished up with quality

walls, you can get all your gym equipment and install it into your

new home gym. The space will help you get a good solid workout

in within your home. You’ll save time by cutting out the gym

commute, and you’ll save money off of gym fees over time. Not

to mention that you can let friends and family workout in your

space as well if you want to.

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