a l ook at securi t y guard training c ourse n.
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A Look at Security Guard Training Course PowerPoint Presentation
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A Look at Security Guard Training Course

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A Look at Security Guard Training Course - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A security guard is someone who protects assets and maintains order in a private entity. \n

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a l ook at securi t y guard training c ourse

A Lookat SecurityGuard Training Course

  • Asecurity guard is someonewho protects assets and maintains order in aprivate entity. Hemayalso be known as a protective agent employed bya firm toguard against criminal activities such as robbery. Therefore the main objectiveof the guard is beingalert and maintains ahigh visibility.Inaddition a securityguard has been entrusted to look after the propertyon behalf ofthe owner. Hencetheagent reports anyincidents that mayoccur and also havetherightto takepreventative actions.
  • Thereforeit is thebest ofinterest to the owner of thepremises toget thehighest qualified guard forthe job.As aresult trainingplays an integral part in ensuringthatthe guard is well equipped to handleanyundesirableactivities. Furthermoreit is a requirement for people interested in securityto go throughatrainingcourse.
  • In this context, the article has summarized the basic training coursethatyouhavetogo through in order to become acompetent protectiveagent.
  • Courserequirements
  • To beable to attend the trainingmoreso to be employedas a security guardyou need to pass the followingrequirements.
  • 18years andabove
  • A minimum of high schools certificate or an diploma
  • Pass the criminal background check
  • To bephysicallyfit
  • In the precedingparagraphs arebrieflyexpounded courses that people trainingasguards go through.Inaddition thetrainingincludes practical exercise and modelsforbetter understandingof thecourse.
  • Introduction to Security Industry
  • Thecourse will includethe duties and responsibilities ofasecurityofficer.Thereforeyou will be able to learnyourrole in the job, requirements in that industryandoccupational responsibilities.
  • Security acts andlaw
  • Secondlythe trainingwill enlightenyou on the various acts of lawthatyouareexpected to follow.In other wordstheyareknown as the codeof conductwhich must be followed.

Security procedure

Herethe students areimpacted with knowledge and skills of handlingthemselves correctlyat their work post. Particularlysafetyskills arethe main focus, wheretheyare taught protectiveprocedures.

Surveillanceand observation

These exercises involvepractical demonstrations. Moreover the main taskofasecurity guard is monitoring. Thereforethe traineewill betaught on all theavailable avalanche tools andmethods.In addition the coursewill includethe different surveillance equipments.

Report writing

Next thegourds areto beequipped with report writingskills. Objective andstandardized form of writingreport will bethe main focus on the course.In addition writingskills will be applicable sincetheguards mayberequired todocument anyincidents.

Healthy and safety skills

Risks and hazards arethemain focus under this unit.Generallyin involves the means and ways to keep theenvironment safeand healthyallaround.


Inaddition to the aboveunits of thetrainingthere includes others. Thereforein conclusion atrainingcourseis of outmost importance. Thereforeifyou want to bea guardyou will haveto finish thesecurity guard trainingprogram.

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