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Civic A ction Project Drinking and Driving PowerPoint Presentation
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Civic A ction Project Drinking and Driving

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Civic A ction Project Drinking and Driving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Civic A ction Project Drinking and Driving. By David Pokorny, Logan Donaldson, and Jimmy Harris. Background on Proposed Bill. The Bill is titled “Drunk Driving repeat offender act of 2011” The Senator who is sponsoring this bill is Senator Lautenberg

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civic a ction project drinking and driving

Civic Action ProjectDrinking and Driving

By David Pokorny, Logan Donaldson, and Jimmy Harris

background on proposed bill
Background on Proposed Bill
  • The Bill is titled “Drunk Driving repeat offender act of 2011”
  • The Senator who is sponsoring this bill is Senator Lautenberg
  • This Bill accomplishes its job of preventing drinking and driving by requiring repeat DUI offenders to have an ignition interlock device, also known as a breathalyzer, installed into their car to prevent them from drinking and driving
how this bill is effective and how it would benefit society if made a law
How This Bill is Effective, and How it Would Benefit Society if Made a Law
  • This bill is an effective one above all others because it makes its goal of stopping the public from drinking and driving extremely attainable
  • By using the breathalyzer ignition interlock device, DUI’s can be dramatically decreased, therefore decreasing unnecessary accidents caused by drinking and driving
the ignition interlock device
The Ignition Interlock Device
  • If this bill were to be passed, it would make installing breathalyzers into repeat DUI offenders car’s mandatory
  • This device, at the cost of One-Hundred and Fifty dollars, and the installation fee of One Hundred dollars must be paid at the offenders expense
  • It is installed into the key ignition slot so that the offender must take a breathalyzer test every time they want to start their car, along with random tests during their time driving
ignition interlock device continued
Ignition Interlock Device Continued…
  • The device is specially made so that only the offender may take the test, and not just anyone they can find to take it for them
  • Its main purpose is to test the alcohol concentration in a person’s blood system by analyzing their breath
the effects of drinking and driving
The Effects of Drinking and Driving
  • Drinking and driving is one of the most pointless things a person can do, and it not only jeopardizes yourself, but all those around you
  • Drinking and driving affects three of every ten people in the United States sometime in their life
  • Drinking and driving accidents cause one death every forty minutes in America, all of which can be avoided
jacqueline saburido
Jacqueline Saburido
  • Drunk driving accidents cause many fatalities, but one of the most famous accidents in history lies in Jacqueline’s story. In 1999, a teenage drunk driver hit Jacqueline’s car in the middle of the night. He hit them at over Seventy miles an hour. Both of her passengers were killed, but he remained unharmed. Jacqueline however was burned beyond recognition, and now stands as an active fighter of drunk driving.
jacqueline continued
Jacqueline Continued…
  • Jacqueline stands as an inspiration to me, and helps me to focus on my goal
  • The goal is simple, and it is to pass the Drunk Driving Repeat Offender Act of 2011 in hopes that it will all but eliminate drinking and driving
  • I strongly believe that drinking and driving penalties need to become more severe and punishing then what they are now
  • My hopes is that this bill will allow the car breathalyzer to do its job and to restrict people from drinking and driving and making them think twice about the punishment that could happen due to them drinking and driving
  • In my community, it is a necessity that drinking and driving be curbed because of how many children my neighbor hood has occupying the streets
drinking and driving prevention
Drinking and Driving Prevention
  • If this bill is passed, drinking and driving accidents and fatalities will be at a record low
  • It is important that this bill is considered and revised by congress so that drinking and driving can be stopped not only in small towns like mine, but all over the United States
  • Drinking and driving causes pointless accidents, and changes peoples lives forever. It is not something to joke about, nor be ignored. That is why it has to be stopped, starting with the change of this bill to a law.