presentation of croatian projects in the big river projects guidebook n.
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Presentation of Croatian projects in the Big River Projects Guidebook PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation of Croatian projects in the Big River Projects Guidebook

Presentation of Croatian projects in the Big River Projects Guidebook

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Presentation of Croatian projects in the Big River Projects Guidebook

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  1. Presentation of Croatian projects in the Big River Projects Guidebook Sofia, November 24, 2011

  2. Danube in Croatia – in numbers • Coverage of Danube River Basin (DRB) km² - 34,965; • Percentage of DRB (%) – 4.4; • Percentage of DRB in country (%) – 62.5; • Population in DRB (Mio.) – 3.1; • Lenght of the river – 137 km (1433,00–1295,50); • Entry point – Batina (cross- border region HR-HU-SR); • Exit point – Ilok (cross-border region HR–SR); • Partially forms natural border between HR and SR;

  3. “Continental tourism” in Croatia - Development of continental for the benefit of coastal tourism is the main reason for the slow development of tourism in the continental area of Croatian that has been an ongoing trend in Croatia for some 30 years. - Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem County have not been traditionally oriented towards tourism, but as the tourist demand showed shift towards activity holidays in clean environments, healthy lifestyles, culture and healthy food - individuals, SMEs and different organizations which are active on the territory saw an economic opportunity in the sector and started to invest intensively from year 2002 in hospitality structures and local offer Name, Place

  4. TOURISM 2020 VISION, World Tourism Organization: “The countries of Central/Eastern Europe also expect strong growth rates to accompany a diversification of their tourism productaway from the cities to more rural areas.” Name, Place

  5. Strategic framework for sustainable development (tourism) - Europe 2020 Strategy, EU Tourism Policy Framework - stimulating the competitive and sustainable development of the tourism sector (encouraging small and micro enterprises, use of new technologies, enhancement of the knowledge base of the tourism sector and promotion of sustainable management of tourism destinations - Danube Strategy – socio-economic development (education, culture, research, tourism, rural development and competitiveness) Name, Place

  6. Some projects of Croatia in the Big River Guidebook Name, Place

  7. Project title: State Horse Farm of Lipizzaner, ĐakovoLocation: Croatia, Osijek - Baranya County, town Đakovo Name, Place

  8. State Horse Farm of Lipizzaner, Đakovo Name, Place

  9. State Horse Farm of Lipizzaner, Đakovo Established 500 years ago and represents one of the oldest of this kind in Europe. Horse farm has around 200 Lippizaners (Croatia's autochthonous horse breed) held on two locations (Đakovo, Ivandvor). The main activity of the Farm is horse breeding and dressage, school of riding and tourism. It is open to the tourists during the whole year. Tourist can enjoy watching the horses in the open, horse riding (sport, therapy, school of riding). Farm organizes horse exhibitions and fairs during the whole year. At the Farm there is a multi content complex (4.200 sqm) which includes: souvenirs shop, restaurant, horse equipment shop, riding field – parkur, grandstands for 1000 viewers, stalls, solarium and bathrooms for horses as well as places for professional congresses and meetings. Name, Place

  10. Project title : Improving the international Danube Bicycle Route – Cycling DanubeLocation: Croatia, Vukovar-Srijem County, city of Vukovar, and Osijek-Baranja County, city of Osijek, Serbia, SouthBacka District, city of Backa Palanka

  11. Cycling Danube • The overall objective of the action is to enhance the recreational tourism in cross-border region of Eastern Croatia and Western Serbia, meaning that we expect that the share of cycle-tourism in the overall tourism in this cross-border region increases by 3% by the end of the action, whose duration was 18 months, finishing in July 2012. • Specific objectives - to create preconditions for enhancing cycle-tourism at the Danube Route as it will contribute to the economic development of this cross-border region through tourism development and through raising the attractiveness of the whole region through promotion activities. Name, Place


  13. Project title: SURDUK FESTIVAL BARANJA (As a part of a wider project: WINE AND ART ROUTES)Project location:Croatia, Baranya, Kneževi vinogradi One of the most famous features of Baranya area is the tradition of wine production. This project promotes wines and gastronomy of the area through the art as the main media. The initial point of the project´s long-term aim is the realization of series of cultural and artistic activities, taking place outside the urban centres of the region and fostering the develoment of - often culturally neglected - rural area. In that sense, one of the most important project results would be the creation of the unique cultural tourist offer based on sustainable use and management of resources of the area – cultural and ethnic diversity, traditional agriculture products and natural heritage. The project aims, as part of a larger long-term project of regional development, to (re-)animate traditional connections between the inhabitants of the region. The project was launched in 2009. Once in a year the festival takes place within wine/art program in duration of 3 days.

  14. Project title: Tourism Development in Eastern Slavonia –Danube BasinLocation: Croatia, Vukovar-Srijem County, Vukovar and Ilok

  15. Tourism Development in Eastern Slavonia –Danube Basin • The overall objective of the project Tourism Development in Eastern Slavonia – Danube Basin project was to support the improvement of economic and social cohesion in Vukovar-Srijem County by promoting sustainable and ecologically oriented development of tourism. TheProject was envisioned to particularly focus on tourism development in the Vukovar and Ilok areas.Specific objectives of the project were to support and strengthen the tourism sector in Vukovar-Srijem County respecting the principles of ecology and sustainability; and to support tourism development through education, training and know-how transfer and hardware interventions. Ultimately the Project was expected to benefit the local population by contributing to improved quality of life in Vukovar-Srijem County through increased employment opportunities, preservation of natural and cultural heritage, improvement of educational, recreational and entertainment possibilities as well as improvement of general living conditions.

  16. Project title: PANNONIAN CHALLENGELocation: Croatia, Osijek-Baranya county, Osijek Name, Place

  17. PANNONIAN CHALLENGE Pannonian Organization funded in 2004 with the goal of activityfor extreme sport and youth subculture consolidation. The need for the Organization came out of Cycling club „Osijek „activities.For a few years, the Cycling club is taking a part of the extreme sport development, by starting the „Pannonian Challenge „competition which include disciplines: SKATEBOARD, BMX, IN-LINE SKATES and MOUNTAIN BIKE. Since 1999 the „Pannonian Challenge“ competition became an international event, with the participation of states: Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Australia, New Zeland, Argentina, Brazil and USA. Every year, there is a growing number of competitors and spectators at the Contest, last year there were 150 and 5.000 respectively each day. The contest has wide media coverage (TV, radio, Internet, press).

  18. CONTACTS: REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF SLAVONIJA & BARANJA l.t.d. for regional and international cooperation Stjepana Radića 4 31000 Osijek CROATIA Tel.: +385 31 221 840 Fax: +385 31 221 841 E-mail: DANUBE-DRAVA-SAVA Euroregion: Kornelija Mlinarević, Osijek,;