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Stop Littering

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Stop Littering - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stop Littering
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  1. Stop Littering “As we look around our beautiful country we all too often see plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles, and a whole lot of other rubbish littering our streets, our parks, and all across America.” Created by Ellie Wells and Soleil Lech

  2. Why Shouldn’t We Litter? • Littering is both an environmental and a social issue. • For example it destroys rivers. Water is a precious resource, and we have a limited supply. So we should not mess with it. If we keep littering we will destroy it. • It blocks drainage systems and creates floods.

  3. With So Much Crime Why Should We Care About Litter? • We have so many other important issues if we all stop littering we would have one less problem to worry about. • It encourages illness and crime. • For example as areas that are not taken care of they are often seen to be unprotected and therefore easier for crime to be committed. • Also it is dangerous to people and animals.

  4. When We Litter We Destroy Much More Than We Think! • It is one of the leading fire hazards. • It causes blockages in drainage systems and causes flooding.

  5. We All Should Help Clean Up! • If everybody comes together and help clean up, we could have a cleaner better world. • STOP LITTERING!!!!

  6. The End