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arctic methane n.
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Arctic Methane PowerPoint Presentation
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Arctic Methane

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Arctic Methane
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Arctic Methane

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  1. Arctic Methane Our most immediate climate change problem is Arctic methane

  2. Katey Walter demonstrates methane

  3. Methane mixed with water and frozen is called methane hydrateIt is ice that will burn

  4. Methane hydrate on the ocean floor

  5. Methane Ice Burgs

  6. Methane Ice

  7. Methane Plumes

  8. Methane Hydrate Plug

  9. Methane Foaming

  10. Methane bubbling from ocean floor. Methane gas has 170 times the volume of the original hydrate.

  11. Sonar of methane plumes

  12. Methane Pingo

  13. Types and locations of Methane Hydrate Deposits

  14. The East The East Siberian Arctic Shelf . It contains vast amounts of hydratessiberian

  15. The Gakkek Ridge is an extension of the Mid Atlantic Ridge

  16. Methane escapes into the atmosphere

  17. Methane above the Arctic in January of 2012

  18. Permafrost is thawing and creating methane producing thaw lakes

  19. Warmer water is flowing into the Arctic Ocean

  20. Thaw lakes and peat bogs east of the Ural Mountains

  21. An Arctic Circle river delta

  22. Shorelines are subject to erosion without the protection of sea ice. Permafrost thawing exposes yedoma. Large amounts of Methane and CO2 escape from these areas.

  23. After the permafrost thaws, the ground subsides and dries out.

  24. When the “ground” dries out it becomes susceptible to fires. Lighting strikes have increased 20%

  25. As of 9/03/2012 Arctic Summer Sea Ice extent and volume has decreased by 81%

  26. PIOMAS expects the summer Arctic Sea Ice to be gone by about 2015

  27. First significant acknowledgement that a feedback system has started

  28. “Amplifying each other” means the dreaded feedback system has started

  29. NCAR’s HIPPO project flew through various levels taking samples

  30. HIPPO discovered methane coming up from all over the Arctic Ocean

  31. Methane hydrate regions

  32. Methane eruption centers or torches

  33. What happens if we don’t deal with methane? Here is one estimate.

  34. Here is one thing we can do

  35. Methane is no longer a greenhouse gas with one hydrogen atom removed

  36. Rockwell/Collins engineers have been helpful but Rockwell/Collins has not taken up the project. • It was discovered that HAARP already has Radio Frequency Transmitters in operation. An adjustment in frequencies could test for sure whether or not methane can be decomposed in the atmosphere. • Lt. Col. Kleiman has received the project proposal and has forwarded it to the HAARP Project Director. HAARP’s major source of funding is the US NAVY. Contact your representative and ask them to make sure HAARP takes up this project.

  37. It was recently discovered that the Antarctic has about three times as much methane as the Arctic.