water erosion n.
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Water Erosion

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Water Erosion. YG Ingram Erosion. Problem.

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water erosion

Water Erosion

YG Ingram Erosion


Mr. Moore told us that there was some erosion going on around the school. The area that we chose is very eroded, which can be very dangerous. Little sweet kindergarteners love to play around the area. This is so dangerous because the can fall and cause serious injuries.

solutions to the problem
Solutions to the Problem
  • If water has too much force, it will create soil erosion.
  • Controlling the water flow is one solution for reducing soil and water erosion.
how to prevent water erosion
How to Prevent Water Erosion
  • Water erosion happens when rainfall or melting snow washes valuable topsoil away. This is a severe problem when water runs down hills of smooth, bare soil with no plants for protection. When topsoil is washed away the land is less fertile and it is more difficult to grow good crops. We cannot do anything about the weather, but we can use farming practices that will save the soil and not leave it exposed to water erosion.
  • I think that if we put down a nice supply of land, that there will be thick vegetation and that the erosion will not continue.
the end
The End
  • Thank you so much for visiting our site and, please learn more about ways to prevent water erosion.