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Renaissance. Girolamo Savonarola. Resistance to Change. Savonarvola Dominican Friar Called to Florence 1490 Preached against humanism. Next. Savonarola. 1492: Lorenzo de Medici dying Requests Savonarola to administer last rites 1: Lorenzo, you must truly repent…agreed.

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Girolamo Savonarola

resistance to change
Resistance to Change
  • Savonarvola
    • Dominican Friar
    • Called to Florence 1490
    • Preached against humanism


  • 1492: Lorenzo de Medici dying
    • Requests Savonarola to administer last rites
      • 1: Lorenzo, you must truly repent…agreed.
      • 2: Lorenzo, you must give up your wealth…agreed.
      • 3: Lorenzo, you must renounce any claim on behalf of the de Medici family to rule Florence and you must allow the city to become a democratic republic.
        • Lorenzo flatly refused.
  • Savonarola takes control of



resistance to change1
Resistance to Change

The republic of Florence was to be a Christian commonwealth, of which

God was the sole sovereign


His Gospel the law

the most stringent enactments were made for the repression of vice and frivolity…

  • Read Speech Excerpt


resistance to change2
Resistance to Change
  • Gambling was prohibited
  • Vanities of dress were restrained by laws
    • Simple and humble dress
    • Even the women flocked to the public square to fling down their costliest ornaments
  • Huge "bonfires of the vanities"


bonfires of the vanities
Bonfires of the Vanities
  • Burn all books, paintings, sculptures, luxuries and fineries
    • Jewelry, perfumes, soaps, silks, mirrors, hair combs, harps, chessboards, playing cards



A young Gentleman being a Scholler(scholar – learned person, student), fell in love with a Ladie, named Helena, she being a Widdow, and addicted in affection to another Gentleman. One whole night in cold Winter, she caused the Scholler to expect her comming, in an extreame frost and snow. In revenge whereof, by his imagined Art and skill, he made her to stand naked on the top of a Tower, the space of a whole day, and in the hot moneth of July, to be Sunburnt and bitten with Waspes and Flies.



The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

  • Avarice, envy, and pride

Three fatal sparks have set the hearts of all on fire


bonfires of vanity
Bonfires of Vanity
  • Any other examples…

Read your article:

Summarize article

Is it an example of a bonfire of the vanities? Why/How?

Is this sort of thing scary to you?

Write a short letter to the person/people in charge of the event you read about?


the end of savonarola
The End of Savonarola
  • 1497
    • Accused of heresy for
      • Falsely claiming to have visions of God and angels
    • Accused by Dominicans, Franciscans, and Church officials
      • Had enough of his evangelism
  • 1498
    • Hanged in the Piazza del Signoria
resistance to change leads to change
Resistance to Change Leads to Change
  • Savonarola’s attacks were:
    • religious protest
    • protest against wealth and splendor
    • protest of a political nature

So, the three ingredients…

Religion, Economics and Politics…

Contributed to the Protestant Reformation.