Creating recommendations for effective action
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4 th Annual North Texas Health Forum: Embracing our Community of African American Children Katie Cardarelli, Ph.D. Texas Prevention Institute. creating recommendations for effective action. Defining mental health/ well-being.

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Creating recommendations for effective action

4th Annual North Texas Health Forum:

Embracing our Community of African American Children

Katie Cardarelli, Ph.D.

Texas Prevention Institute

creating recommendations for effective action

Defining mental health well being
Defining mental health/ well-being

  • WHO defines mental health as, “a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” 1(p2)

  • There is no HEALTH without mental health and well-being

Defining your perspective of the issue
Defining your perspective of the issue

  • Learn how YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION think about the issue

  • Understand your experiences and perceptions about emotional and mental well-being among African American children

  • Your involvement with the issue will vary

  • Opportunity to listen to each other

Wraparound approach
Wraparound Approach

  • Has demonstrated some success in our community

  • Consistent with a community-based approach to reducing health disparities

  • Not the only perspective

  • Provide structure to the discussion

Enhancing mental well being
Enhancing mental well-being

  • Requires a community-based approach

  • Promote personal positive spirit within a supportive community environment2

  • How do we create a supportive environment?

    We must address:

    • Institutional and interpersonal racism

    • Inequities in housing, education, community safety, access to healthy, affordable food 3-5

Social determinants of mental health approach
Social Determinants of Mental Health Approach

  • Social policy interventions at the community level to ensure

    • safe housing and neighborhoods

    • attractive and safe places for physical activity

    • access to affordable and healthy food 2

  • People must understand the importance of positive mental health, healthy ways to cope in the face of adversity

Addressing stigma
Addressing stigma

  • Social stigma of mental illness must be broken down

  • Educational programs to better educate the public about mental well-being

  • Nondiscriminatory policies providing equal parity and reimbursement for mental health care 2

Roundtable session
Roundtable Session

  • Guided by a trained facilitator

  • Scribes at each table

  • Do not be afraid to think outside the box

  • Do not let financial concerns or current policies affect your thinking or ideas

  • Report out at 11:45


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