welcome to sophomore passage n.
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WELCOME TO SOPHOMORE PASSAGE. Introduction. LT 1 I can provide insight into my history including information about my family, relationships, education prior to Harborside , and other life events that have impacted my development.

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LT 1 I can provide insight into my history including information about my family, relationships, education prior to Harborside, and other life events that have impacted my development.

  • Think about your opening, will it be a story, quote, reading?
  • Introduce all committee members by name and significance. (explain why you invited them)
  • This slide or the following slides should introduce your uniqueness as a person. In addition to these slides you may chose to perform or interact with the audience while sharing information.
  • Providing pictures or short videos of your family helps connect to your audience and conveys your beliefs and background.
  • You may chose to highlight past educational successes or failures along with the impact they had on you or talk about these later in your presentation.(EL Design Principle #5 Success and Failure)
  • Talk about your hobbies and other interest.
testing information
Testing Information

LT 2 I can portray where I am going in life by discussing current academic levels, outlining goals, and laying out my future plans.

  • These slides should tell your story by the numbers (test data)
  • Provide and explain all testing information available in Zangle. Explanation of scores should relate to established goals.
  • Share your Wiscareersaccount and provide purpose of the program along with insight gained from program.
  • Discuss your academic grades as strengths and weaknesses and explain gaps in achievement or fluctuations in GPA.
  • Connect all data to your future goals. (example: a student with an advanced understanding of science and math may explain their career choice as a veterinarian)
  • Provide copies of your letter of recommendation. Give explanation as to why you selected this person and your relation to the person.
the harborside experience
The Harborside Experience
  • LT 3 I can explain how my experiences at Harborside have contributed to my development as a person, student, and community member.
  • Provide a synthesis of the expeditionary learning philosophy using the design principles, and share your own philosophy of learning. (Design Principle 1, the primacy of self-discovery)
  • Discuss the categories and importance of crew. Relate the crew experience to personal growth and application in real-life situations. Talk about camp and the impacts.
  • Share experiences inside and outside the classroom that contributed to your development as an individual and team player.
  • Assures committee members as to your readiness as an upperclassmen. (what convinces you that you are ready for 11th grade, what new hurdles will you have to overcome and how do you plan on being successful at the next level?)
  • Discuss the character traits and how they relate to you, which trait/traits do you feel is most important and why
the harborside experience cont d
The Harborside Experience (cont’d)
  • Provide a brief summation of the learning expeditions completed thus far. The summary should tell about personal discovery and growth from the expeditions.
  • Reflect on each academic subject. Reflection could be written, videotaped, or presented pictorially. Students are required to present completed projects with drafts. These may be actual pieces or scanned representations.
  • Reflect on all elective courses in the same manner as academics.
  • Reflect on a crew activity you enjoyed and contributed to your growth as a person.
  • Showcase all extracurricular clubs/activities here at Harborside, home school or outside of school. Provide an explanation as to what interested you in these clubs/activities.
  • Summarize experiences with expectations for next year. What are you looking forward to the most. Least?
the presentation
The Presentation
  • LT 4 I can create and present an effective presentation using a variety of media that meets or exceeds criteria.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion, remember this is your time to shine. This does not mean you have to wear a tuxedo, but you certainly should not be in jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Speak in a clear concise voice with good tone and appropriate inflection in your voice. Watch you pacing. Talk to your audience not at them. Encourage interaction with your audience.
  • Watch your posture. You should not slump or mill about the room. Avoid reading directly off the presentation. This will take practice.
  • Make sure your material is complete, accurate, and well-organized. Be creative. Ask yourself if this is a presentation you want to sit and watch.
  • Have an ending activity, question and answer time, asking people to speak on your behalf (make sure you tell them ahead of time)
  • Thank all those in attendance.