Podcasting in the classroom
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Podcasting in the Classroom. Meaningful Math through Podcasting. Excerpts from powerpoint presentation of … Tiffaney Lavoie Instructional Technology Consultant KEDC tiffaney.lavoie@kedc.org 859-552-5399.

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Podcasting in the classroom
Podcasting in the Classroom

Meaningful Math through Podcasting

Excerpts from powerpoint presentation of … TiffaneyLavoie

Instructional Technology Consultant


tiffaney.lavoie@kedc.org 859-552-5399

Giving your students a voice in their learning
Giving Your Studentsa VOICE in their learning!

Podcasting in the classroom

What is Podcasting?

  • Online audio content

  • Delivered to listeners through an RSS feed.

  • It has been described as radio on demand, but it provides many options for delivering information on a variety of topics.

Podcasting in the classroom

Types of Podcasts

  • Audio Podcasting – speech and sounds only

  • Enhanced Podcasting – audio with images or slides

  • Video Podcasting (Vodcast) – a full video with audio


  • Adding Integers–video

  • Math Grad - short lessons on basic math

  • Math Factor – math conversations and puzzles

  • Math Mutation – fun interesting and just plain weird corners of mathematics

  • Miss Davis Math Magic – 6th grade Math

Podcasting in the classroom

Project using Photo Story 3

  • Create Enhanced Podcasts

  • Use PowerPoint for Images

  • Import pictures from the

  • web

Download FREE from the Internet – Google it!

Podcasting in the classroom

Where to Download

FAQ for PhotoStory

Note: This should be already downloaded in the computer laboratory. If you are working at home, you have to download this first.

How to start
How to start…

1. Pick at least onelearning target in Pre-calculus.

2. Plan how you and your partner can demonstrate your understanding/mastery of the learning target.

Create a powerpoint
Create a powerpoint

Create a powerpoint (w/o animation) or research on existing powerpoint about your topic. For existing powerpoint ,edit it, making sure you have title page

(subject and your names),

learning target and references.

Save as jpg files
Save as JPG files

Now for photo story
Now for Photo Story…

  • Close your PowerPoint, SMART Notebook, or ActivInspire file.

  • Have your script or storyboard ready.

  • Open Photo Story.

Launch photo story
Launch Photo Story

  • Begin a new story

  • Import pictures

Add images
Add images

  • Navigate to the PowerPoint images you saved.

  • Select all by clicking on animage thenpressing ctrl+a on the keyboard.

  • Click OK

Add narration
Add narration!

  • Click record - start talking

  • Press the stop button when done

  • Preview

  • Undo

  • Repeat

  • Do thisfor eachslide.

  • Next =>






Add additional text
Add additional text

  • Add any additional text.

  • Click on each image.Add the text for that image.

  • Click Next.

Background music
Background Music

  • Use create music. Play with the optionsuntil you are satisfied.

  • Set thevolumelow!

  • Preview

  • Next =>





Podcasting in the classroom

Or Download Music for Your Podcast




Save it

  • If this is for a podcast then choose [Save for playback on a portable device].

  • If you want higher quality choose [Save your story for playback on a computer].

  • Browse to whereyou want it saved.

  • Next =>

The right format
The Right Format…

  • Photo Story will not save in a podcast format.

  • You must convert the file to mp4mp4 format. Soooo…





Other online conversion options:


When your mp4 file is created and works, upload it to edmodo so we can all share! Or save it to CD.