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Student Activities Fund at ACS PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Activities Fund at ACS

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Student Activities Fund at ACS
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Student Activities Fund at ACS

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  1. Student Activities Fund at ACS Grant Application Round 02 Fall 2014

  2. Contents • SAF Overview • Benefits to students • Criteria • Application process • Proposal defense • Other

  3. SAF Overview • The Student Activities Fund (SAF) is founded by members of the Alumni Fund Advisory Committee (AFAC) and the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at ACS to support student projects, activities, and events • Every year, SAF will set a budget of up to 2000 BGN to disburse on competitive basis. The maximum grant per project, activity, or event would be 500 BGN • The competition is open to all student clubs, athletic teams, and individual students who seek funding for implementing a service-oriented SIHP proposal • Students who want to start a new club or team can also apply for funding • The SAF grant cannot be the sole source of funding – students must organize additional fundraising to cover at least a part of the budget • Students can additionally request to get an alum or a parent as a mentor to help them alongside the faculty supervisor • Projects must be completed by June 2015

  4. Benefits to students • Students can have a positive impact on campus life and the community beyond • Clubs and teams can scale up their activities • Students can practice presentation / pitching / budget management / fundraising skills • Students can experience the full cycle that leads from idea and general strategy to winning funding to running a project to reporting results • Clubs and teams can forge stronger relationships with alumni and parents and attract wider support for their activities from the ACS community

  5. Criteria – part 1 Winning projects will have as a direct objective one or more of the following: • Help students master critical skill / competency that’s not covered in the current academic curriculum • Promote student participation and engagement with campus life • Improve school spirit • Promote public service • Promote parent, teacher, alumni, and staff engagement with student events and campus life • Help students build their future professional network • Have positive impact on a community outside of ACS • Improves team-work and promote collaboration among students • Gives students opportunities to practice leadership skills • Gives students opportunities to engage in community service • Promotes ACS and its values to the wider public

  6. Criteria – part 2 In pursuit of these objectives, winning projects will do one or more of the following: • Advertise information about activity, project, or event on campus (e.g. via daily bulletin, newspaper, and at campus events) • Execute in collaboration with other student clubs or teams • Execute in sync with other student projects and initiatives to amplify impact • Generate publicity for ACS • Build on existing campus structures, networks, practices • Repeat or expand in the future rather than treat the project as a single occurrence

  7. Criteria – part 3 It is essential that clubs or teams submitting a proposal meet the following administrative requirements: • Are in good standing with the Dean’s office (documents, reports, registration of members, etc.) • Have an official faculty supervisor • Maximum application length – 10 pages

  8. Application process • Submit application – Nov 2, 2014 (email to • Shortlisted candidates notified by Nov 7, 2014 • Shortlisted candidates defend their proposals in front of SAF selection committee – week of Nov 10 (date TBD)

  9. Proposal defense • If your application is successful, you will be invite to defend your proposal in front of a committee • Shortlisted candidates get 15 minutes per proposal – 5 minutes presentation and 10 minutes Q&A • Students get to choose the format of their presentation • Students will receive feedback on the quality of their application and presentation but this is not one of the criteria for awarding a grant • Committee will include representatives of Student Council, Alumni Fund Advisory Committee, Parent Teacher Association, and Dean’s Office at ACS

  10. Questions? Please send all questions and inquiries to: