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State Use Act

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State Use Act
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  1. State Use Act Enter a Requisition in Datatel

  2. Step 1:Accessing REQM Screen There are two ways to access REQM. Option 1. Click on Navigation, scroll down to PU-Purchasing, then Requisitions-REQ, lastly Requisition Maintenance REQM. Option 2. In the upper left hand corner of screen, there is a Search field. Type “REQM” in this field.

  3. Step 2:Vendor ID field In the Vendor ID field, enter “213159” for Horizons of New Mexico. Purchasing will be the liaison for the College and will be the only one contacting Horizonsof New Mexico regarding Scope of Work requested. Please do not contact them yourself as we are trying to document the request and response for Audit purposes. When Vendor ID 213159 is indicated, it will help us flag the requisition as a service requisition.

  4. Step 3: Line Item Maintenance Click on Line Items detail icon and then you will enter Items List and click on Description Item 1, then click on Description 1 again this will be where you can add your detailed SCOPE OF WORK in the Requisition Item Maintenance screen. Enter only ONE (01) Line Items. It must contain the SCOPE OF WORK that includes the entire work to be performed in completing the work/project – specific tasks, requirements, qualifications, deadlines. The SCOPE OF WORK will be printed on the PO to ensure that no changes have been made to it for audit purposes. This SCOPE OF WORK will be sent to Horizons of NM as it appears in the line item description. EST PRICE field – Include all costs associated to completing this work/project – labor, equipment, materials, gross receipts tax. TAX CODE field - BLANK CLICK HERE

  5. SAMPLE of SCOPE OF WORK EXAMPLE: Provide Electrical Maintenance support campus wide. Contractor must possess valid (current) NM journeyman electrical license, be able to respond on site for routine work within 3 hours of notification, be able to respond to emergencies with 1 and 1/2 hours of notification. Contractor must be able to work after normal business hours, on weekends and holidays to accommodate academic schedule.

  6. Step 4:Comments Field Enter the Preferred Vendor, Dates of Services Requested and Requestor. If we need additional information, we will contact the listed individual. It is essential if you email Purchasing a copy of any quotes, estimates or documentation pertaining to the services requisition that is entered.

  7. Step 5:Aprn Process Enter the appropriate approvers for the account number and requisition amount. Please add Frank Cole (colef) as the last approver for the service requisition. Once the appropriate departmental approvals approve the service requisition, we will forward the SCOPE OF WORK as entered in the Line Item description to Horizons of NM.

  8. Step 6:Horizons of NM Response If Horizons of NM refuses to provide the service, Frank will approve the requisition. Purchasing will forward you a copy of the response. If the requisition is less than $10,000, the vendor ID will be changed to the Preferred Vendor as indicated in the Comments field. If the requisition is more than $10,000 but less than $20,000, we will request for three quotes. For requests over $20,000, we will follow the State Procurement Code on Bid and RFP solicitations. If Horizons of NM accepts and provides us the service, Purchasing will forward you a copy of the response. Frank will approve the requisition as is, to Horizons of NM.

  9. Step 7:Purchase Order Once the requisition is approved by Frank Cole, a blanket PO will processed. A copy of the Blanket PO will be emailed to the requesting party/department. Original Blanket PO will be sent to the vendor by fax, email or mail.

  10. Questions: Contact Frank Cole ext 3084 or Purchasing Dept ext 3511 You may also email us at