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Capitalization. Geographic locations Titles and names Buildings and other places. Geographic Locations. Capitalize specific names. Do not capitalize general names. This also applies to names of geographic places. San Francisco but not city. Geographic Locations.

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Geographic locations

Titles and names

Buildings and other places

Geographic locations
Geographic Locations

  • Capitalize specific names. Do not capitalize general names. This also applies to names of geographic places.

    San Francisco but not city.

Geographic locations1
Geographic Locations

  • Capitalize specific names that are

    used as adjectives.

    French bread

Geographic locations2
Geographic Locations

  • Directions, such as north, southeast, easterly and western, are not capitalized when they refer to a direction.

    We drove south to the coast

    and then northeast.

Geographic locations3
Geographic Locations

  • They should be capitalized when they name a specific region of the country or of a city.

    We visited Tempe, which is in the


Titles and names
Titles and Names

  • Capitalize words used as titles

    that refer to a specific person.

    Senator Jones

    Doctor Smith


  • Titles are oftentimes used by themselves as if they were a name.

  • This occurs when you are speaking directly

    to someone.

    Will my leg heal, Doctor?

    Tell me how you will reduce taxes, Mayor?


  • If a title is used only to refer to an occupation, do not capitalize it.

    The lawyer presented the

    case to the jury.

Titles of written works
Titles of written works

  • Capitalize the first word and all important words in titles of books, plays, poems and other written works.

    • I read the book Little Women.

    • Did you hear the orchestra play Appalachian Spring?

Buildings and other places
Buildings and other places

  • Capitalize the names of buildings and other places when they stand for specific buildings or places.

  • Empire State Building

  • White House

  • Len’s Laundromat

  • Main Street


  • When uncertain whether a word should be capitalized or not, replace it with a person’s name.

    If the sentence makes sense, capitalize the title. If not, do not capitalize the word!


  • First word of every sentence should be capitalized. When you write a quotation,

    follow the same rule.

    Tara asked, “Should we buy tickets now,

    or wait till later?”


  • If the quotation could stand alone as

    a complete sentence, it should begin

    with a capital letter.

  • If the quote is not a complete sentence,

    don’t begin with a capital letter.


  • If the quotation is divided by words

    introducing the speaker, capitalize

    the first part of the quote, but do not

    capitalize the second part because

    it is a fragment.

    “A car crash occurred on Main Street,”

    the newscaster said, “and six people

    were injured.”

Abbreviations and initials
Abbreviations and Initials

  • Capitalize the letters that make up abbreviations and initials.

    • CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

    • NFL (National Football League)

    • Larry Samuels, Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)


  • Capitalize names of days of the week, months and holidays. Do not capitalize seasons.

  • Her vacation begins next Friday, March 3.

  • I love to take my vacations in the summer.

  • I always have a picnic on Labor Day.

School subjects
School Subjects

  • Capitalize the names of school subjects only when they refer to specific courses.

  • If you are referring to a general kind of class, do not capitalize it.

    I am taking a math class and English 101.

  • You always capitalize words that name a specific language, such as English and Spanish.


  • Social organizations and government

    names are always capitalized.

    James’ wife works for the American

    Embassy in Sierra Leone.

    All profits will go to the American

    Red Cross.