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  2. Adjectives describe people, places, things, ideas, etc. They have only one form in all genders, singular and plural, and can be placed before nouns or after verbs such as appear, keep, make, feel, sound, smell, look, taste, etc. • She is a pretty girl. • It smells horrible.

  3. Most common adjectives (large, long, heavy, late, etc) do not have a particular ending. However, there are certain common endings for adjectives which are formed from nouns and verbs. These are:

  4. -able fashionable -al classical -ant petulant -ar angular -ary imaginary -ate fortunate -en wooden -ent dependent -ean Shakespearean

  5. -ous courageous -esque picturesque -ful careful -ian Canadian -ible possible -ic historic -ical historical -ious hilarious -ish reddish

  6. Im- impossible In- intolerant Ir- irregular mal- malnourished non-non-stop over- overgrown post- post-modern pre- premature un- untrue

  7. 1-Write the adjectives made from the following words. day daily use useful humour humorious fool foolish

  8. Notes on Adjectives • Compound adjectives are formed with: Present participle long-standing debt Past participle self-employed carpenter Cardinal numbers + nouns one-year-old girl Prefixes and suffixes non-stop show Well, badly, ill, poorly + participles well-paid clerk • Some adjectives ending -ly look like adverbs (friendly, motherly, lonely , lovely). These adjectives form their adverbs by adding the word way/manner/fashion. • Some adjectives such as poor, late and old have different meanings, according to where they are placed in the sentence. My grandfather is very old.(in years) Tony is an old friend of mine.(I’ve known him for a long time)

  9. Certain adjectives can be used with the to represent a group of as a whole:the rich, the dead, the young, the unemployed, the homeless, the blind etc. • Present and past participles can be used as adjectives . • Present participles describe the quality of a noun. Annoying behaviour (what kind of behaviour? Annoying) Past participle describe how the subject feels. Annoyed teacher (How does the teacher feel? Annoyed)

  10. Nouns describing materials, substances, purpose and use can be can be used as adjectives, but they do not have comparative or superlative forms and cannot be modified by very. a cotton shirt a gold necklace a silver brooch a summer dress a stone wall a chopping board

  11. However, there are adjectives derived from the above nouns, These adjectives have a metaphorical meaning. Silky hair(hair like silk), golden hair, silvery moon, stony look etc. • Like, old and young are often used in fixed adjective-noun combinations, so they are always placed next to the noun they modify. This young man spends too much money. That little girl seems to be lost.

  12. ORDER OF ADJECTİVES A general guide to the ordering of adjectives is given below.

  13. Notes • When two or more adjectives of the same category are used, the more general adjective comes before the more specific one. a kind, gentle man • Commas are only used to separate adjectives which are equally important; they are never used to separate the final adjective from the noun it modifies. a long, distinguished career

  14. Put the adjectives into the correct order. • The screenplay was written by a(n) eccentric, brilliant, French writer. • The flower girl wore a pretty, white, satin dress at the wedding ceremony. • The fruit tart is made with delicious , red, fresh strawberries.