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welcome back to school n.
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Welcome Back to School! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Back to School!

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Welcome Back to School!
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Welcome Back to School!

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  1. WelcomeBacktoSchool! Geometry Pre-ap

  2. Contact Information • Luis E. Garcia • GeometryPre-AP • 800 S. Alamo Rd., Alamo, Tx 78516 • (956) 354-2420 • luis.garcia1@psjaisd.us

  3. Schedule Changes • Schedule changes will only be done if you meet one of the four criteria listed below. • Need class to graduate: • English, Math, Science, Social Studies • Want to take an AP or DC class • Have already earned credit in course scheduled to take • Have previously failed course and schedule to retake with same teacher. • No schedule changes during lunch. • NOTE: Extracurricular changes must go through coach or director.,

  4. Campus Procedures • Breakfast will be served from 7:05 -7:50, students who arrive late due to a late bus will be given a pass and will be allowed to eat breakfast . All others must report directly to class and will not be allowed to eat breakfast. (students without a late bus arrival pass will be counted tardy by the teacher) • Campus ID’s will be required and must be worn properly. (clipped on collar or a lanyard may be used ) • ID cards will be required to request a hall pass, purchase tickets, visit the library, eat at cafeteria and participate in good life activities (dances, field trips, guest speakers) • No passes 10 minutes after or before the bell rings. • Any student leaving class must have a campus approved hall pass and their id clipped to their shirt. ( NO EXCEPTIONS) • Student parking is located at the rear of the campus and must have a parking permit. Students will not be allowed to return to their vehicles until the end of the day.

  5. Cafeteria Procedures • Students must be released to assigned lunch only and are not allowed to leave class to purchase food or drinks to be consumed during class. • All students must present a campus issued ID to line server when purchasing food. ( a student without an ID must go to the end of the line.) • Trash and any food not consumed must be disposed of before you leave your area. • Students are not permitted to leave the cafeteria area and wander the halls.

  6. Classroom Procedures • No passes 10 minutes after the bell or 10 minutes before the bell • Must be ready to learn when the bell rings • Begin “Bell Ringer”/Problem of the day • Proper heading must be used when submitting assignments • Full Name • Date • Class and Period • If you’re not busy, you’re not learning.

  7. Attendance • Attendance is very important and we cannot educate you if you are not present. Don’t become truant. Attendance is very crucial and student success depends on it. • When a student is absent the students must obtain an admit slip from the attendance office before their first period class. • It is also the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work. • Students who have more than three tardies or absences will be referred to the liaisons and parent contact will be made. • Students with poor attendance will lose credit for the class and will be assigned to credit recovery. (It’s the law)

  8. Discipline Procedures Consequences for Misbehavior • 1st Verbal warning and opportunity to correct behavior • 2nd Parental contact • 3rd Detention afterschool and /or Saturday. Teachers/student/counselor/parent conference • 4th parental conference • 5th Administrative Referral

  9. Expectations • Be Respectful • Respect is a privilege, not a right. If you want it, earn it! • Intimidation is not respect, do not be a bully! • Treat others the way you want to be treated. • Leave your problems at the door. When you walk through this door, everyone is equal. • Attitude is EVERYTHING • If you have a bad attitude, you’ll never achieve anything. • Great attitude is the beginning to a successful life. • Instead of “I don’t know”, say “I need help” • Instead of “I can’t do it”, say “Can you give me a hint?” • Avoid negative language as much as possible • Work together as a team to achieve the highest goals possible this year. • Arrive on time • Come prepared • Have pencil and notebook ready • Begin on problem of the day as soon as you walk into the class (don’t waste any time) • Be Responsible • You are responsible for your grades, not me, I just record and report them. • I do not flunk people, they flunk themselves. • Try your best. • I believe and recognize hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude.

  10. Tardiness As per our principal, if you are late to any of your classes, you will lose the privilege of going to the restroom.

  11. Supplies I don’t ask for much, only that you to be prepared when you walk into my classroom. • Always, ALWAYS bring a pencil to class. • I don’t like work that is written in ink • If you don’t have a pencil, buy one, borrow one, find one, trade for one. • I can always lend you one if you give me your ID (but that means no restroom) • A notebook/Binder • You will probably need more than one notebook throughout the year, so I recommend you prepare accordingly.

  12. Homework/Classwork • You don’t complete your work, you don’t pass. • Practice is essential! • All homework and classwork is due on time! • No late work! • Write in PENCIL • Turn in with Title, full name, date, period, and problems assigned. • If you are absent, you are responsible for the make up work. • Make up work due no later than the next class meeting after you return. • Tests and assignments must be done on your own time. You may come after school to complete assignments.

  13. Grading Policy • Tests 40% • Quizzes 15% • Classwork/Homework 20% • *Projects 10% • Six Weeks Exam 15% • No Extra Credit

  14. Grading Scale • A: 90-100% • B: 80- 89% • C: 70- 79% • D: 65- 69% • F: less than 65% Understand that I do not consider a C a passing grade.

  15. Year at a Glance • 4th Six Weeks • Properties of Two-Dimensional Figures • Measurements of Two-Dimensional Figures • 5th Six Weeks • Properties of Three-Dimensional Figures • Measurement of Three-Dimensional Figures • 6thSix Weeks • Tying it All Together • Geometry of Architectural Design • 1st Six Weeks • Foundations of Geometry • Geometry on the Coordinate Plane • 2nd Six Weeks • Properties of Lines and Transversals • Triangles • 3rd Six Weeks • Right Triangles • Quadrilaterals

  16. Dress Code Policy To be worn with jeans, khaki or slacks. Girls may wear skirts. No torn jeans will be allowed.

  17. A Wolverine is… Prepared Responsible Optimistic University Bound Dedicated A Wolverine is PROUD

  18. Let’s work together to have a great school year! “I CAN” “WE CAN” WITH THE “I CAN” ATTITUDE! LET’S HAVE A GREAT YEAR.