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task centre

task centre. Sage systems. FOR. System overview and roadmap update. James Cooper. What is TaskCentre ?. Software that simplifies the automation of tasks. Using TaskCentre to overcome problems. Overcoming problems. What sort of problems?. Using TaskCentre to overcome problems.

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task centre

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  1. taskcentre Sage systems FOR System overview and roadmap update James Cooper

  2. What is TaskCentre? Software that simplifies the automation of tasks

  3. Using TaskCentre toovercome problems Overcoming problems

  4. What sort of problems? Using TaskCentre toovercome problems

  5. What sort of problems?

  6. So, the problems are... • Any time-draining, repetitive jobs humans do ... or don’t get round to doing ...or forget to do

  7. Fixing the problems • Automate things: • Generate emails automatically • Automate reporting • Automate document production e.g. monthly statements • Start workflows automatically • Integrate systems • Concerns • Skills required to automate tasks = ? • Time required to automate tasks = ?

  8. Solution

  9. We started building when ...

  10. We kept at it ...

  11. The result ...

  12. OrbisTaskCentre v4.5

  13. Communication Orbis the robot I thought you ought to know that ... Eyes & ears Brain Orbis the robot Memory Actions Image courtesy of

  14. What Orbis really looks like...

  15. How versatile are Orbis’s senses? Orbis can handle almost every structured data store there is

  16. Proof

  17. Automation arc

  18. Send reminders • Alert when finished goods • are awaiting dispatch Goods dispatched promptly So what? Smoother operations Happier customers

  19. Send instant alerts • Product low on stock So what? Avoid delays Reduce back-orders Happier customers Improve ordering

  20. Send instant alerts • When customer is put on credit stop So what? Proactive response Reliable exception reporting Better communication Avoid mistakes

  21. Automation arc

  22. Automated reporting • Sending internal reports regularly So what? Better management & control Team work Responsiveness

  23. Automated reporting • Sending update reports to customers So what? Customer satisfaction Communication Productivity

  24. Automation arc

  25. Order acknowledgements, delivery ETAs, invoices, monthly statements, debt letters, service reminders, etc External communication So what? Labour saving Better communication Speed

  26. External communication • Send automated marketingeg when selling products with finite lifespans Automate generation of sales opportunities So what? Increase your value to customers Sell more Retain customers

  27. Automation arc

  28. Workflow • Automate chasing for answers Speed So what? Efficiency Convenience

  29. Workflow • Authorise things via email and web Speed So what? Efficiency Convenience

  30. Automation arc

  31. Integration • Integrating Sage with other systems No re-keying Up to date systems So what? Fewer errors Higher productivity

  32. Integration • Making integration affordable So what? Lower cost Flexibility Rapid deployment Easier ongoing maintenance

  33. Automation

  34. So what? Work is done well, on time, every time

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