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Felix Hoffman

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Felix Hoffman. Felix is Born!. Felix Hoffman was born in Ludwigsburg, Germany on January 21, 1868. Early Life. After finishing school, Hoffman aimed for a career as a pharmacist.

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felix is born
Felix is Born!
  • Felix Hoffman was born in Ludwigsburg, Germany on January 21, 1868.
early life
Early Life

After finishing school, Hoffman aimed for a career as a pharmacist.

  • After discovering his love for the pharmaceutical field, he decided to expand his knowledge in this field, by studying chemistry as well.
  • In 1891 he graduated magna cum lade from the University of Munich.
post graduation
Post Graduation
  • After graduating, Hoffman began working under Professor Adolf von Baeyer at “Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer and Co.”
hoffman s discovery
Hoffman’s Discovery
  • It was mostly by chance, that Hoffman discovered Aspirin on August 10, 1897.
  • Aspirin is a pain relieving, fever reducing, and anti-inflammatory drug.
  • Hoffman then worked with the Bayer company to discover a cost-efficient way to make and supply pharmaceutical companies Aspirin.
retirement and death
Retirement and Death
  • In 1928, Felix retired. By this time aspirin was a worldwide success.
  • In 1946, Felix died.
  • He had no children, and was never married.
aspirin s negative affects
Aspirin’s Negative Affects
  • Aspirin has some terrible effects if not used properly.

These photos show a patient who put aspirin inside her gums. Aspirin is an acid, and burned the oral tissues. Fortunately the mouth healed quickly, and the patient was healed within two weeks.

  • Here are some pictures of Aspirin.
  • Felix Hoffman was a great scientist. Without him a minor headache, could cause you horrible pains. Felix was born on January 21, 1868, in Ludwigsburg, Germany. He went to school to major in the pharmaceutical field. And after realizing his love for pharmacies, he broadened his major to study chemistry as well. After graduating Felix began working at the Bayer company, under some of the world’s greatest scientists. Aspirin’s discovery was discovered by accident on August 10, 1887. Felix became a very successful scientist, but he remains unknown to many American and German citizens alive today.
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