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  1. Last.fm: The Musical Myware

  2. What is Attention Data about? Stuff People pay attention to People do not pay attention to

  3. myware

  4. spyware MYware X

  5. “Why should they share that data with a company like Last.fm?” “Why should people be spying on themselves?“

  6. “Let's get people to spy on themselves!”

  7. What music are you listening to? Anytime All the time

  8. You won’t know we’re asking

  9. What is it we do at Last.fm? Why are we doing it? Why are our users doing it?

  10. Why are we doing it?

  11. All music available at once! We need to tell people what they should be listening to

  12. Now you could GET all the music But you need to KNOW what you want

  13. Last.fm’s mission: Harnessing the“knowledge of the crowd”

  14. ?

  15. What is it we do at Last.fm?

  16. Audioscrobbler

  17. Last.fm’s Attention Data: Track “Felix has just listened to this specific song" People pay attention to(Listen) People do not pay attention to(Skip)

  18. This event we call a submission

  19. 8m submissions every day Well over a billion in 2005 Where do we go from here?

  20. Our music catalogue is self-populating

  21. Unknown song New catalogue entry Submissions

  22. __INCOMPLETE___Britney SpearsBrittney SpearsBriteny SpearsBrintey Spearsブリトニー・スピアーズBrtiney SpearsBirtney SpearsBritiany Spearspop Britney SpearsBritney Spears My Shared Folderwww.fm880.com-Britney SpearsBritney Spears -ToxicBritney Spears - [EMG]Britney Spears - Rip by MaRiusSpears, BrittneyBritney Spears And MAdonnaBritney-SpearsB.SpearsBritnery SpearsBritney.SpearsBritney SpearsBritney Spearstrack Britney Spears (from "OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN [00]")Britney Spears - ...Baby One MBritney fuckin' SpearsBritney Spears~201.britney spearsBritney SpeasBritney%20SpearsBritney Spears Britney Spears; Yin Yang TwinsBritney Spears; Ying Yang TwinsBritney Spears Feat Ying Yang Twins布兰妮01_britney_spears_-_everytime_Brtitney SpearsBritneySpears, BritneyBritneySpearsBritney_SpearsBritany SpearsBrittany SpearsBritny Spears There is a lot of noise

  23. We currently consider 8 million tracks in our database to be clean The total size of the track catalogue is 25 million

  24. When it comes to music we have the longest long tail

  25. What do we do with all this data? How do we data mine this "knowledge of the crowd"?

  26. base layer for our recommendations engine User to userSimilarity Artist to ArtistSimilarity Collaborative filtering (Neighbours)

  27. We have popularity data for all the items in our catalogue

  28. Why do people use Last.fm to record their music taste?

  29. Profile page

  30. Top Tracks Top Artists

  31. Weekly Tracks Weekly Artists

  32. “These users have similar taste to you"

  33. Personal music recommendations music you haven't listened to yet, based on what you listened to the previous week

  34. Last.fm personalised radio: Love Skip Ban Listen = I like this music Skip = I don’t like this music Love = I love this music Ban = I hate this, never again please

  35. 128kbps MP3 Radio software Audioscrobbler plugins

  36. Desertphaser Dessert Facer

  37. Why should people be spying on themselves? The answer is quite simple…

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