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We who saw Dada only with our inner eyes... PowerPoint Presentation
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We who saw Dada only with our inner eyes...

We who saw Dada only with our inner eyes...

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We who saw Dada only with our inner eyes...

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  1. We who saw Dada only with our inner eyes... Our Relationship with Beloved Sadhu T. L. Vaswani

  2. NitinMirani says... What draws me close to Big Dada? 1) His sweet voice in the recorded Upadeshes which is sweeter than Lord Krishna's flute. 2) His vachan from the Nuri Granth filled with love and humility. 3) His handsome, beautiful face, piercing eyes and curly hair in the portrait.

  3. Once at an institute sewa one kid asked me ‘Tumhi tya Mandiratna aale na jithe SAFED DEV aahet?’ Meaning: Do you come from the temple where there is a “WHITE GOD”? He was referring to Big Dada at the sacred Samadhi. My eyes were filled with tears and I felt truly blessed.

  4. Sham Kukreja says... SadhuVaswani is a real picture of God, endless ocean of love, peace, a true healer. Dadaji’s Sacred Samadhi is a solution for the tough queries of my life.

  5. Senior Bridge Builder Om Bajaj says.. As Dada J. P Vaswani tells us that our Beloved Master has not left us. He is very much with us, only our hearts need to be open. We only need to call out to him....... I felt unfortunate that I didn’t get to see the Blessed Master Sadhu Vaswani in his physical form.

  6. I had often prayed at the Sacred Samadhi, “When would Thee, my Gurudev, bless me with your darshan ?” To my delight, my prayers were answered when my Beloved Master came to me in my dream.

  7. My joy and excitement knew no bounds when both my Beloved Masters came together in my dream. Words are too weak to describe this incredible confluence. I don’t recall further, but I felt immensely blessed after this dream........”

  8. HarshaLahori relates... “This goes back to times when I would feel very sad when Dearest Dada would leave Pune for His yatras. With the Divine intervention, I happened to read the book 'Heaven Can Wait' on the life of Revered Sadhu T.L. Vaswani. The events & incidents narrated in this book gave me immense faith in Big Dada. Now, when Dearest Dada travels, I miss him a lot but I am not sad since our Big Dada is with us all the time. The Sacred Samadhi is such a comfort for me, making me feel secure at all times”.

  9. “Also, I can never forget how Big Dada answered our earnest prayers when Dearest Dada was undergoing the Bypass surgery. We were all very tensed when Dearest Dada underwent the surgery and developed complications. We were sure that Big Dada would bless Dearest Dada with a long and healthy life. Dearest Dada, we all love you very much. Thank you for being our one and only gem of a Guru. And for this precious gift, we are indebted to Big Dada for our lives! We, the younger generation, are very fortunate to know that Big Dada exists even today in the form of Dearest Dada. Dearest Dada you mean the world to us! Always be with us, loving us, guarding us and leading us onward, forward, Godward!”

  10. DeeptiRupani says... I feel like Dada, Beloved Sadhu Vaswani is like my guardian angel. I consider myself fortunate to have had a prophetic dream during my studies in Florida, USA. During the hurricane season, I had a dream in which Big Dada told me that though the hurricane would be affecting the areas that are close to my home, I would be safe because he would protect me. And sure enough, a hurricane did strike 20 miles from where I lived but I came out unscathed inspite of the mass destruction of life and property. I feel truly blessed and wonderful to have had this experience and I always have the sense of security because I know that Dada is with me always.

  11. Nilesh Tejwani says... "Just like a child in joy goes with hopes to his mother, that she will fulfil his wishes, Just like a child goes crying to his mother when he is in pain, Just like the child feels protected when the mother embraces him in her arms, Just like child who is carefree and knows that his mother will be there. I feel like I am the child and Beloved Gurudev is my mother"

  12. "On one occasion when after praying at the Samadhi I bent down to touch the Lotus feet of Gurudev’s statue , and suddenly I felt like Beloved Gurudev has kept His hand on my head. I was thrilled and looked up in joy, I found that it was the left hand of Gurudev which was touching me & I actually felt he came and blessed me!!"

  13. Revered and Beloved Big Dada Lives on…..

  14. We all love Dearest Big Dada and you Dearest DadajiYour loving - Bridge Builders