redd for the guiana shield technical cooperation project n.
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REDD+ FOR THE GUIANA SHIELD Technical Cooperation Project PowerPoint Presentation
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REDD+ FOR THE GUIANA SHIELD Technical Cooperation Project

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REDD+ FOR THE GUIANA SHIELD Technical Cooperation Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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REDD+ FOR THE GUIANA SHIELD Technical Cooperation Project. Session 4 – Training and Technology Transfer. Sergio Milheiras , ONFI 11 th December 2013 2 nd Steering Committee, Macapá.

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redd for the guiana shield technical cooperation project

REDD+ FOR THE GUIANA SHIELDTechnical Cooperation Project

Session 4 –

Training and Technology Transfer

Sergio Milheiras, ONFI

11th December 2013

2ndSteering Committee, Macapá

training and technology transfer plans

Specific budget is dedicated to Training and Technology Transfer opportunities within the project framework

    • 80k€ - Technology Transfer
    • 216k€ - Training
  • Objectives:
    • Provide a defined space within the project for developing technical capacities, by training staff on topics such as GIS, remote sensing analysis, database management, REDD+, etc
    • Transfer technologies based on availability and on countries’ needs
    • Serve both the countries reinforcement objective and the regional dialogue purpose
Training and Technology Transfer Plans
training and technology transfer


    • Training sessions, as far as possible at the regional level, but more likely at national level, organized in the countries with some trainers from either partnering organization (ONF/ONFI, others) or outside organizations.
    • Possible support to address technological needs for improved MRV systems (e.g. software and imageries in the limit of availability)
    • Scholarships for Master degrees on relevant topics that increase local expertise
  • Frequency/ Number of events:
    • To be decided based on the available budget and on the capacity and technology transfer plans
Training and Technology Transfer
development of the ttt plans

Requires a clear identification of the existing capacities and the needs in terms of training and technologies

  • Needs to be based on a capacity diagnosis and on countries/state/region demands
  • How the plans will be developed:
    • Collection of information during several events
      • Country level support
      • Working Group Meetings
      • Missions in the countries/state/region and discussion with the organizations and partners
      • Validated by the SC through a stepwise approach
Development of the TTT plans


Photo credit: ONF Guyane