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Jeopardy. Name the three types of chromosomes . Sex Chromosomes Autosomal Chromosomes Homologous Chromosomes. Chromosomes for 100 . Back. Chromosomes for 200 . How many chromosomes are in the body cells of a dog that has a haploid number of 39? . 78 chromosomes. Back.

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chromosomes for 100
Name the three types of chromosomes

Sex Chromosomes

Autosomal Chromosomes

Homologous Chromosomes

Chromosomes for 100


chromosomes for 200
Chromosomes for 200
  • How many chromosomes are in the body cells of a dog that has a haploid number of 39?
  • 78 chromosomes


chromosomes for 400
DNA is compacted by wrapping tightly around proteins.Chromosomes for 400
  • In one cell DNA is about 2.5m in length. How can the DNA fit inside a cell that can only be seen with a microscope?


chromosomes for 500
Why is DNA only seen during the stages mitosis and not during interphase?

DNA is in a uncondensed form (chromatin) during interphase and a condensed form during mitosis.

Chromosomes for 500


mitosis for 200
Identify and describe the stage depicted below:

Centromeres double

Spindle Fibers shorten

chromosomes move to opposite sides of the cell

Mitosis for 200


mitosis for 400
What is the end product of mitosis? (be specific)

2 diploid daughter cells that are identical to the parent cell

Mitosis for 400


mitosis for 500
During cytokinesis what forms in a plant cell and an animal cell?

Plant Cell – Cell Plate

Animal Cell - Furrow

Mitosis for 500


meiosis 100
In a human cell how many chromosomes are located in the nucleus at the beginning of meiosis? At the end of meiosis?

Beginning – 46

End - 23

Meiosis 100


meiosis for 200
Meiosis for 200
  • Identify the following diagrams:
  • A – Anaphase I
  • B – Metaphase I




meiosis for 300
Name the processes of which sperm and eggs are produced in organisms.

Spermatogenesis (male)

Oogenesis (female)

Meiosis for 300


meiosis for 400
Meiosis for 400
  • What are three ways that cell division lends to genetic variation in a population?
  • Random fertilization
  • Independent assortment of homologous chromosomes
  • Crossing over


meiosis for 500
What stage in meiosis do homologous chromosomes line up together?

Why must they line up together?

Metaphase I

The line up together so the division will produce haploid cells.

Meiosis for 500


cellular respiration for 300
During the electron transport chain, electrons lose energy creating ______ to create an electrical gradient that produces ATP.


Cellular Respiration for 300


cellular respiration for 400
When are muscles are fatigued they tend to become cramped. Describe what is happening in terms of cellular respiration.

The muscle cells are switching to anaerobic respiration due to the lack of oxygen. The muscles are going through fermentation.

Cellular Respiration for 400


cellular respiration for 500
How much ATP is created by the breakdown of one glucose molecule in glycolysis? And how much is made during the entire aerobic respiration?


38 ATP

Cellular Respiration for 500


cell transportation for 100
What does it mean when the cell membrane if referred to as selectively permeable?

only certain particles can pass through

Cell Transportation for 100


cell transportation for 300
Some animal cells protect themselves from absorbing too much water by “pumping” excess water out. They use a __________ to do this.

Contractile Vacuole

Cell Transportation for 300


cell transportation for 400
When the concentration of solutes inside a the cell is equal to the concentration of solutes outside the cell, the solution is said to be …


Cell Transportation for 400