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RSA Authentication Manager Express RSA SecurWorld University 14 April 2011 Westcon Security Nederland PowerPoint Presentation
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RSA Authentication Manager Express RSA SecurWorld University 14 April 2011 Westcon Security Nederland

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RSA Authentication Manager Express RSA SecurWorld University 14 April 2011 Westcon Security Nederland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RSA Authentication Manager Express RSA SecurWorld University 14 April 2011 Westcon Security Nederland. Hubert van Straelen Product Manager. RSA Authentication Manager Express General Session. Market Overview Product Overview Product Availability How to sell AMX.

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Presentation Transcript

RSA Authentication Manager ExpressRSA SecurWorld University14 April 2011 Westcon Security Nederland

Hubert van Straelen

Product Manager


RSA Authentication Manager Express

General Session

Market Overview

Product Overview

Product Availability

How to sell AMX

  • Hubert van Straelen– Product Manager RSA
authentication market by the numbers
Authentication Market by the Numbers

Millions of SSL VPN users in 20121

Percent of companies still using passwords for remote access authentication2

Most commonly used password3

1 Gartner Specialized SSL VPN Equipment, 2008

2 Forrester Enterprise And SMB Security Survey, North America And Europe, Q3 2008


it staff feels the pressure
IT Staff Feels the Pressure

The Environment

User Productivity

  • Constantly changing threat landscape
  • Supporting multiple groups of users and initiatives
  • Budget and headcount are always a consideration

Security is considered a “burden”

Users cannot experience downtime

Management Has Demands

The push for mobility and collaborative tools means potentially exposing identities and Intellectual Property (IP) outside the organization

  • The Market: Authentication Market White Space still exists in large numbers
  • The Solution: We have a complete authentication portfolio with solutions for every market



rsa authentication innovation through time
RSA Authentication: Innovation Through Time

Understand the customer’s need to balance

RSA Authentication Manager Express

Cost Convenience Security

B2C Applications

More than 10,000 users

Small & Mid-Size Organizations

Fewer than 2,500 users

EnterpriseMore than 1,000 users

Risk-Based Authentication (B2C)

Convenient, user-friendly strong auth with lower TCO

Hardware tokens

Software tokens

SMS & text messaging


target market for authentication manager express
Target Market for Authentication Manager Express
  • Customer profile
    • Mid-market company (< 2,500 employees) currently using passwords for authentication
    • Has not adopted strong authentication because existing market options were too expensive or inconvenient for the use case
  • Customer requirements
    • Lower TCO than hardware and software One Time Password Authenticators
    • Footprint-less solution for employees, partners or customers
    • Protection of web-based solutions only
use case web based remote access for employees contractors partners and clients

Employees & Contractors

Partners & Vendors


Use Case: Web-Based Remote AccessFor Employees, Contractors, Partners and Clients

Web Portal





Vendors accessing an Order Management System hosted by XenApp

Employee Mobility

SSL VPN and web-based email for employees & contractors

Professional Services

A Law Firm that exchanges sensitive information with clients using an online portal


Community Health Clinics eliminating the “token necklace” for medical staff


State and local agencies that must adhere to compliance regulations


RSA Authentication Manager Express

General Session

Market Overview

Product Overview

Product Availability

How to sell AMX

introducing authentication manager express multi factor authentication with zero footprint
Introducing Authentication Manager ExpressMulti-factor authentication with zero footprint

Risk-Based Authentication

On-Demand Authentication


Easy to ManageAppliance Platform

on demand authentication sms
On-Demand Authentication (SMS)
  • One-Time Password (OTP) delivered via SMS or email
    • Based on the RSA SecurID algorithm
    • Compatible with any mobile phone from any carrier
    • Open support for third party SMS gateways and modems
    • No software to deploy or tokens to manage
    • Provides multi-factor authentication:
      • Factor #1 – PIN
      • Factor #2 – Mobile device or e-mail account
risk based authentication multi factor authentication without replacing passwords
Risk-Based AuthenticationMulti-Factor Authentication without replacing Passwords

Factor #1:Something You KNOW

Factor #2: Something You HAVE

Factor #3: Something You DO

Step Up:Something You KNOW or HAVE

the rsa risk engine
The RSA Risk Engine
  • Proven, sophisticated risk engine
    • Protecting more than 350 million online identities today
    • Dozen of characteristics used to calculate the riskiness of each authentication
  • Optimized for the enterprise organization
  • Self learning so it adapts to your user population over time
  • Plug-and-play integration building upon existing SecurID agents
    • Works with many existing RSA Secured Partner Solutions

RSA Risk Engine

example end user scenario

On-demand Authentication


Security Questions

Example End-user Scenario

Typical behavior from registered machine



Authentication Successful

Unusual behavior from unregistered machine


Risk Engine

Access SSL VPN page

Redirected to the Secure Logon page

Enter Username and Password

Authentication characteristics are sent to the risk engine for score calculation

Typical behavior – user is authenticated OR Challenge presented

Successful completion of challenge results in authentication complete

rsa secured partner solutions plug and play integration and certified interoperability
RSA Secured Partner SolutionsPlug-and-Play Integration and Certified Interoperability
  • Certified interoperable and fully supported by RSA
  • Implementation Guides with illustrated step-by-step instructions
  • Leverages the SecurID agents built into hundreds of 3rd party products
  • Risk-Based and On-Demand Auth
    • SSL-VPNs – Checkpoint, Cisco, Citrix, Juniper
    • Web Servers/Portals – Citrix, IIS, Apache, OWA
  • SMS Aggregators and Modems
    • Clickatell
    • KPN SMS Gateway
    • Logix Mobile
    • Multitech MultiModem iSMS Server
    • Sybase 365
    • Talariax sendQuick Alert Plus
    • AT&T, mBlox, StrikeIron, Syniverse, and more (coming soon)

Visit for a current list of supported solutions or to request integration with a specific product


RSA Authentication Manager Express

General Session

Market Overview

Product Overview

Product Availability

How to sell AMX

we want it when can we get it
“We Want It…When Can We Get IT?”

March 18: Order taking begins

Shipment expected in Q2

sales and marketing tools
Sales and Marketing Tools
  • Sales Tools
    • Quick Reference Guide
    • FAQ
  • Case Studies – coming soon!
  • Not for Resale Demo kit for 25 users – available trough Distribution
  • Training available trough RSA Partner Central
  • Collateral
    • Datasheet
    • Solutions brief
    • Updated Authentication Decision Tree
    • Web page
    • Micro site
  • Demo
    • Flash demo
authentication manager express micro site
Authentication Manager Express Micro Site
  • Product Information
  • White papers
  • Press
  • Videos and Podcasts
  • Games & Prizes!


RSA Authentication Manager Express

General Session

Market Overview

Product Overview

Product Availability

How to sell AMX

where is the amx opportunity customer challenges
Where is the AMX Opportunity? Customer Challenges
  • Scenarios that Compel Action
    • Purchase or deployment an SSL VPN in need of authentication
    • Development of a new business plan to launch an online portal for partners, customers or employees
    • Emergence of new or renewed government/industry regulations
    • Awareness of emerging threats
    • Incidents of breach, loss, or fraud
    • Reconsideration of strong authentication solutions based on awareness of new options including AMX
    • Appearance of a new security officer/executive
why rsa authentication manager express
Why RSA Authentication Manager Express?
  • RSA Authentication Manager Express Delivers the Fastest Path to Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Proven multi-factor authentication technology
    • Seamless transition from passwords to strong authentication
    • Convenience for end-users
      • Standard password authentication in typical situations
    • Simplicity for IT organizations
      • Nothing to deploy to end users
      • Out-of-the-box integrations
      • Convenient appliance platform
what makes us better key unique differentiators
What Makes Us BetterKey Unique Differentiators
  • Self-Learning Risk Engine
    • Dozens of risk indicators
    • Proven: 350 million users protected with RSA risk-engine
    • “Tell me about how your current authentication solution adapts based on the authentication attempt?”
  • Risk-based authentication and ODA (SMS) on a plug-and-play appliance platform
    • Unique combination of a risk-engine with On-demand and Security Questions simplified for mid-market organizations
    • Fastest path to two-factor authentication
    • Convenient to install, manage and deploy to users
    • Seamless migration from passwords to strong authentication
    • “Describe to me how your current IT staff could manage an alternative technology?”
non unique comparative differentiators
Non-Unique Comparative Differentiators
  • Out-of-the-box integration with 3rd party devices
    • Juniper, Citrix, Cisco and CheckPoint SSL VPNs
    • Reduces deployment costs and resources
    • “Tell me about what would happen if a security solution did not integrate into your existing environment or a system in the future?”
  • Low acquisition and operating costs (TCO)
    • Single-SKU perpetual license is reasonably priced when compared to competitive offerings
    • “Tell me about how you would make the decision between a less secure solution and AMX at comparable price points?”
non unique comparative differentiators1
Non-Unique Comparative Differentiators
  • Works anytime, anywhere
    • Strong authentication from any device, anywhere, anytime with nothing to carry, manage, or install
    • Accessibility drives productivity, user compliance and collaboration
    • “What would happen if senior executives could not access corporate resources because the authentication solution didn’t work?”
our weaknesses
Our Weaknesses
  • Acquisition cost is higher than single-point solutions
    • Express is more expensive than SMS-only competitors (Ex. SMS Passcode, SecurEnvoy, Etc.)
    • Customers looking for the cheapest option may choose point-solution vendor
    • “Tell me about why you want to sacrifice security, reliability and convenience just to save a little money?”
amx vs other options
AMX vs. Other Options
  • Introduce strong authentication while still using passwords
    • Easier for end-users to adopt
    • Simple to deploy and administer



  • Change the conversation to a layered approach
    • Better security and higher confidence
    • Improved end-user experience
    • Predictable and lower SMS costs

SMS Competitor

  • Simple administrative functionality
  • Lower TCO
  • Ability to expand to 2,500 users

Authentication Manager

licensing configuration and pricing
Licensing, Configuration and Pricing
  • Platform: Version 1.0 is offered on a Hardware Appliance only (same h/w as the SecurID Appliance 130)
  • Licensing: Single SKU perpetual licensing per user includes software and all authentication features
  • Pricing: Volume based pricing tiers (similar to RSA Authentication Manager)
    • Appliance bundles are available
  • Maintenance:
    • Annual software maintenance is 21% of license fee
    • 3-year AHR is included with the h/w appliance
      • Years 4 and 5 optional and additional
  • Configuration:
    • Supports up to 1 replica
    • Can be deployed in multiple ways for different user bases:
      • RBA + ODA or Security Questions step-up
      • On-demand Authentication only
list pricing examples
List Pricing Examples

Pricing Includes: 1 Appliance, AMX License and1-year S/W Maintenance

training and deal registration
Training and Deal Registration
  • Training and exams for Sales and Technical are available through RSA Partner Central ( at no charge
  • Course Introduction to Selling RSA Authentication Manager Express required to maintain Sales Accreditation for RSA Authentication and to keep the ability for deal registrations (Affilliate and Affiliate Elite partners)
  • Course New: RSA Authentication Manager Express required to maintain Technical Certification for RSA Authentication
  • Authentication Manager Express will be part of the RSA Authentication accreditation by end of Q2
  • Deal registration for AMX will be available through RSA Partner Central on March 18th. Promotional Deal Registration discount of 15% valid through end of Q2

1. Become

an AMX



2. Attack

the White



3. Look for


for All Products

two factor user authentication it s just like
Two-Factor User AuthenticationIt’s Just Like…

Banking Chip ‘n PIN

“Something you have” = TOKEN


“Something you know” = PIN

rsa securid products
RSA SecurID Products
  • RSA SecurID Authenticators
    • Hardware Tokens
    • Software Tokens
    • Smart Cards/USB Tokens
risk based authentication multi factor authentication without replacing passwords1
Risk-Based AuthenticationMulti-Factor Authentication without replacing Passwords

Factor #1:Something You KNOW

Factor #2: Something You HAVE

Factor #3: Something You DO

Step Up:Something You KNOW or HAVE