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Advisor Network Monthly Call News & Guide Overview. June 2013. Frank Coker CEO CoreConnex, Inc. [email protected] 425-454-5006. Kris Fuehr Marketing Director Corelytics [email protected] 425-830-0867. Agenda News & Updates:

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Advisor network monthly call news guide overview
Advisor Network Monthly Call News & Guide Overview

June 2013

Frank Coker


CoreConnex, Inc.

[email protected]


Kris Fuehr

Marketing Director


[email protected]



News & Updates:

  • Marketing platform, your input please?

  • Industry leaders wanted

  • Guide to Advising with the Dashboard: Walkthrough with Frank Coker

  • New promo video available July 10

  • Building your Brand Advisor Webcast now on-demand

    Open Door/Q&A

    Corelytics Advisor Program Overview (for newbies)

Sales marketing platform
Sales & Marketing Platform


  • Support Advisors with design, messaging, & execution

  • Allow flexibility of message for advisors

  • Support marketing AND sales

  • Distribute templates, content syndication

  • Manage SEO; social media; email; more

  • Assign & track leads to the Advisors’ CRM

  • Provide full lead management for advisors even without a CRM system

Corelytics is investing so you can automate your marketing & sales.

Industry focus corelytics advisor
Industry Focus, Corelytics + Advisor







Industry Assn.

Industry Assn.

Industry Assn.

Industry Assn.


Industry Assn.

Peer group

Peer group

Peer group

Peer group

Peer group

Peer group







. . .

  • Advisor may offer (with Corelytics support)

  • Jointly published industry reports

  • Speaking engagements – Association, conferences

  • Regular Webcasts

  • Member promotions about your services

  • Trade events & member support

  • Network of trained advisors specializing in the industry


  • Industry updates/reporting

  • Expert analysis


Dashboard guide with frank coker
Dashboard Guidewith Frank Coker

Planning and preparation
Planning and Preparation

  • Schedule a standing monthly meetings

    • Advisor and business owner phone meeting

    • Owner and management team meeting

  • Schedule pre-meeting actions

    • Client update of Corelytics

    • Advisor review of Corelytics (30 min max)

  • Post meeting actions

    • Update goals in Corelytics

    • Advisor writes summary status email (top 3 priorities)

Typical meeting agenda
Typical Meeting Agenda

  • Take the pulse - Get owners’ view of top business issues and priorities

  • Start at the end - Pre-define your view on financial priorities from dashboard

  • Quick review of screens that show positive results

  • Quick review of last month’s priorities

  • Walk through key screens that show top 3 concerns – be prepared to explore further

  • Discuss changes to goals

  • Discuss team review – accountabilities

Advisor s roadmap for new clients
Advisor's Roadmap for New Clients

  • Initial setup

    • Advisor set up as user

    • Verify profile data

    • Set goals to get Leading Indicators

  • Start with default values

    • Avoid data map until after first review

    • Agree on top 3 priorities with owner as soon as possible

    • Create first status report as soon as possible

  • Schedule monthly review meetings

  • Facilitate management team review process

  • Map Revenue and Expenses to correct accounts and LOBs

  • Set additional goals

  • Add staff users where appropriate

Top 10 areas to investigate w clients
Top 10 Areas to Investigate w/Clients

  • Revenue trends

  • Expense to revenue trend

  • Revenue / expense forecast

  • Short-term cash trend

  • Long-term cash trend

  • Margin growth

  • COGS trends

  • Profit growth

  • Progress on key goals

  • LOB Performance

  • TIPS

  • Stop when you have “big 3”

  • Avoid drilling with owner

  • Push “solving” to managers

  • Make process consistent

Nextgen accountants
NextGen Accountants

  • Subscription-based services

  • Compares client performance

  • Offers diagnostic services

  • Supports strategic decisions

  • Serves clients year-long

  • Aides in sharing performance with client’s staff

  • Often works remotely

  • Gives clients an owner-view

Advisor value
Advisor Value

  • More value

  • Less time data-wrangling

  • New value-added services

  • Marketing, sales & tech support

    30 clients, 1 hour/month, $300/mo each client =

    $100K supplemental annual revenue

Typical advisor offerings
Typical Advisor Offerings

  • Subscription-based pricing, usually $300-500/month whereby the advisor remotely consults through monthly or quarterly recurring meetings by logging into the dashboard, reviewing trends for a few minutes before the call, then jointly logging in and reviewing with the client for an hour. This is a 2-hour/month investment of your time at most per client. When client needs rescuing or more help, standard consulting rates apply.

  • Promotional offer, typically a free initial consultation (phone or in person) and often coupled with a custom “Financial Report” derived from the numbers you get from the dashboard. For a time (until we hit capacity), we can run these for you on request.

  • Reports and Summaries: Sometimes as simple as a blog, others do webinars with the findings from their industry. We’re doing an Advisor Call Wed this week to talk about “Building your Brand” and this is a key component.

    + an industry affiliation AND a relationship with the top 2 or 3 associations in your industry.

Getting started
Getting Started

  • Decide if you pay or client pays for dashboard

  • Get your dashboard set up. Certify for logo.

  • Set up your offerings and pricing

  • Co-market/sell.

$99/mo retail direct



Meet others share the ride
Meet Others, Share the Ride

Join Gina Fridays with other Dashboard AdvisorsGina [email protected] for Google Hang-out instructions.


Frank Coker


CoreConnex, Inc.

[email protected]


Kris Fuehr

Marketing Director

Corelytics, Inc.

[email protected]



  • Get 3 clients

  • Commit to follow-up & report activity(example) 

1 minute conversation starters now available
1-Minute Conversation Starters now available

  • Value to Advisors WITH Customers

  • Unlock your data

  • Trends

  • Projecting your Performance

    Access them from

    Request more topicsfrom:

    [email protected]

Call for stories
Call for Stories!

Seeking interviews with customers for book (not necessarily Dashboard users)

Publish date: Nov/Dec 2013