the great ball game n.
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The Great Ball Game

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The Great Ball Game

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  1. The GreatBall Game • *Robust Vocabulary* Created By: Agatha Lee July 2008

  2. clutch Clutch means you hold onto something tightly.

  3. clutched Mother Bat clutched Stellaluna as she flew. I clutched my mother’s hand because I was scared. The mother clutched her baby as she carefully walked up the stairs.

  4. clutch * Think of something you have clutched. Why did you clutch it? * Would you clutch a kite string tightly?

  5. clambered Clambered means you climb with both hands and feet.

  6. clambered Stellaluna clambered out of the bird nest. The hiker was tired after he clambered up a hill.

  7. clambered * What kinds of animals might clamber up a tree? * What playground equipment have you clambered on? * What parts of your body did you use the most when you clambered?

  8. clumsy If you trip and fall or can’t move around easily, then you may feel clumsy.

  9. clumsy Stellaluna was clumsy when she landed on the branch. My baby brother was a clumsy walker.

  10. clumsy * Are you a clumsy dancer? * If you are clumsy when you carry a plate, what might happen? * Can you catch a ball if you are clumsy?

  11. ached Ached means you felt sore or were in pain.

  12. ached Stellaluna flew so much that her wings ached. After I ran in a marathon, my legs ached. Would your stomach start aching if you ate too much junk food?

  13. ached * If your tooth ached, who would you see for help? * Who can help you if your stomach aches- the school nurse or the librarian?

  14. feud A feud is a big argument.

  15. feud The Birds and Animals had a feud about who was better. We ended the feud by talking about the problem calmly.

  16. feud * Are people happy or upset when they have a feud? * If two neighbors agree about everything, would they start a feud? Why or why not?

  17. superior Superior means you are the best.

  18. superior The Birds felt superior because they had wings. He received a gold medal because he was a superior swimmer.

  19. superior * Do you think a superior skater wins trophies? *What do you want to be superior at? * Do you know someone who is superior at something? What does that person do?

  20. refuse If you refuse something, then you don’t want it.

  21. refuse The Birds refuse to let Bat join their team. Would you refuse to eat a yummy snack or your pencil?

  22. refuse * Would you refuse to swim with a shark? Why or why not? * If you refuse to do something, do you say yes or no? * Would you refuse to play at a playground?

  23. insult If you insult someone, then you say something mean.

  24. insult The Birds insult Bat when they say he is too little to help. Is an insult something that makes you feel happy or sad?

  25. insult * Do polite people insult each other? * Should it be against classroom rules to insult another child? Why do you think so? * If you insult someone, should you say you’re sorry?