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SOL TEST INFO YOU MUST KNOW!!!. Who was the inventor of the Printing Press?. Johannes Gutenberg. Why was the printing press so important?. It spread ideas of Reform ation and Renaissance. What event started the French Revolution?. The Storming of Bastille (prison).

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It spread ideas of Reformation and Renaissance

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World Religion locations c. 1500






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--Judaism—Middle East and Europe

--Christianity—Middle East and Europe

--Islam—parts of Asia, Africa, Southern Europe

--Buddhism—East/Southeast Asia


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Belief in one God: Sahara)

Judaism, Christianity, Islam

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Colonies benefit mother country Sahara)(give raw materials to mother)

Helps mother be “self-sufficient”

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  • Secret police (KGB) Sahara)

  • Five Year Plans (industrialization)

  • Collectivization

  • Great Purge (genocide)

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Each color represents a small German state that joins a united Germany

Prussia was the largest German state

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  • Count Cavour—North wars (Franco-Prussian War)

  • Guiseppe Garibaldi—joins South to North

  • Papal States last to join

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What was the League of Nations? wars (Franco-Prussian War)

Why did it fail?

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--cooperative Organization wars (Franco-Prussian War)

--prevent future wars

--U.S. doesn’t join—no military

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--Mao Tse-Tung (communist) wars (Franco-Prussian War)

--Chiang Kai-Shek (nationalist)

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Mao wins wars (Franco-Prussian War)

Shek flees to Taiwan

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Communist China (Mao) wars (Franco-Prussian War)

Nationalist China (Taiwan—Shek)

Communist China

Taiwan—Nationalist China

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What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? wars (Franco-Prussian War)

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Containment: wars (Franco-Prussian War)

Theory of deterrence:

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U.S. policy— wars (Franco-Prussian War)stop spread of communism

Idea—having nukes stops others from nuking you.