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Aboriginal Workplace Inclusion Learning System ~ Products and Services Preview for 2011-2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Aboriginal Workplace Inclusion Learning System ~ Products and Services Preview for 2011-2012

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Aboriginal Workplace Inclusion Learning System ~ Products and Services Preview for 2011-2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aboriginal Workplace Inclusion Learning System ~ Products and Services Preview for 2011-2012 . The Presentation Today…. Working with you…. Product and service solutions in four areas of the workplace Peer learning Climbing the Inclusion Continuum Practical steps.

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Presentation Transcript

Aboriginal Workplace Inclusion Learning System ~

Products and Services Preview for 2011-2012


Working with you…

  • Product and service solutions in four areas of the workplace
  • Peer learning
  • Climbing the Inclusion Continuum
  • Practical steps

The Inclusion Continuum…

Inclusion embraced as the cultural norm

Inclusion as a catalyst for growth

Inclusion nurtured as core competency

Inclusion as a business imperative

Inclusion as public relations

Inclusion as forced compliance

Inclusion is not on the radar screen

Building an Inclusive Workplace


Strategies, Practices and behaviours…

Example: Initiation Stage for the Human Resource Area of the Workplace


Characteristic of the Workplace Inclusion Learning System…

  • Promotes Inter-cultural Understanding
  • Step by step process
  • Innovative Concepts/Tools
  • Enterprise-wide approach
  • Workplace Assessments & Benchmarked Progress
  • Common Reporting Systems
  • Feedback Loops
  • Product & Service Solutions
  • Accountability
  • Inclusion by Design
  • An evolving program

Workplace Inclusion Learning System

    • Step One - Engagement, Commitment and Partnership…
  • Communicating the Message
  • Assessing Interest and Need
  • Articulating a Business Case
  • Getting Commitment
  • Working together

Communicating the Right Message…

  • •Targeting the Right People and Audience
  • Finding the Champions within the organization
  • Getting the Leadership Buy-in
  • Creating the right environment for Change

Helping You Make the Business Case…

  • Avoiding legal Issues
  • Addressing the skills gap
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Aboriginal people ~ new markets and partners

Inclusion Principles

Getting Leadership Buy-in…

  • My organization values diversity.
  • My organization is committed to establishing distinct goals, efficient policies, specific competencies and measureable reporting relating to workplace inclusion.
  • My organization endorses Aboriginal inclusion and supports a workplace where all employees can succeed at every level.
  • My organization can play a leadership role in championing the benefits of Aboriginal inclusion.
  • My organization is committed to building partnerships with the Aboriginal community.

Focus of the Assessment ToolsWhat are workplaces doing to Help Aboriginal people to succeed in the workplace? Four examples…

  • High incidence of diabetes among Aboriginal people. What are workplaces doing to encourage fitness and provide healthcare?
  • Social characteristics of Aboriginal communities require that women need day care facilities if they are to work. What are workplaces doing to facilitate this?
  • Some Aboriginal people lack credit/ banking history and financial literacy. How are workplaces helping Aboriginal people to become established & achieve financial security?
  • Values alignment – Is there at least some workplace alignment with Aboriginal values, culture and worldview?
human resource stream sample questions
Human Resource Stream - Sample Questions…

Our organization sets and monitors specific goals set for Aboriginal hiring.

A thorough business case has been developed by our organization to promote Aboriginal Inclusion in our work place.

There is a strong alignment between our organization’s Aboriginal Inclusion Strategy (AIS) and our organization’s corporate social responsibility and/or environmental goals.

leadership csr stream sample questions
Leadership & CSR Stream - Sample Questions…

Our organization has developed formal guidelines or a policy for diversity.

Our organization’s leadership has identified “mission critical” positions for Aboriginal people to fill so that our workplace inclusion strategy can gain the traction we are looking to achieve.

Our organization has established structures such as a foundation or community investment unit to make decisions on Aboriginal investments using a sound decision framework.

business production procurement stream sample questions
Business, Production, Procurement Stream - Sample Questions…

Our organization doesn't track whether it purchases from Aboriginal businesses.

Our organization uses our business and partner network to identify potential Aboriginal suppliers.

Our organization encourages Non-Aboriginal suppliers to partner with Aboriginal businesses in effort to give Aboriginal suppliers increased business opportunities.

communications marketing customer services stream sample questions
Communications, Marketing, Customer Services Stream - Sample Questions…

Our organization consults with Aboriginal groups and or employees on ways to improve communication to support an inclusive environment.

Our organization’s Code of Behaviour (formal or informal) insists that employees use language that is respectful, inclusive and free of stereotypes.

Our organization stays abreast of Aboriginal current affairs by subscribing to Aboriginal print media such as newspapers or receives regular updates through electronic feeds.

how does the scoring work what does it mean for organizations
How Does the scoring work? What does it Mean for organizations?

Companies that adopt inclusion do so for a variety of reasons and are motivated by performance issues, external pressures or other reasons.

Low score - your organization has a ways to go to develop the skills, practices and behaviours needed to realize the full benefits of an inclusive workplace.

Lower mid-range - you are getting started and have successfully initiated some pivotal activities or practices which are achieving some results in some parts of your organization.

Mid-range score - you are starting to attain new plateaus with inclusion, though related practices and behaviours are still not widespread throughout the workplace.

Upper end score - you are starting to achieve success with some or your strategies and practices and beginning to embed these into your organization. Management and staff report positive impacts and performance on inclusive workplace practices.

High score - you are a champion of inclusion and have established best practices, policies and strategies which make your workplace a highly rewarding place to work. As a result you are able to attract the best talent, giving you a competitive edge. Your organization continues to transform in many positive ways

translating diagnostics into action
Translating Diagnostics into Action…
  • Companies review their assessments and in collaboration with the council agree on the areas of the workplace that need to be addressed in the short, medium and long term.
  • Companies are encouraged to use the council’s products/ services to climb the Inclusion Continuum using as a starting point the assessment scores.

Workplace Inclusion Learning System…

    • Step Three – Product and Service Solutions
  • Step by Step Approach
  • Product Shelf
  • On-line /Instructor led
  • Annual Executive/Management Workshops
  • Working together
strategies practices and behaviours
Strategies, Practices and Behaviours…

The challenge for large organizations – public and private alike, is to adopt the suggested strategies, practices and behaviours which must be “mastered” at each level of the seven inclusion continuum, gradually embedding inclusion throughout the workplace.

aboriginal awareness 101
Aboriginal Awareness 101: an Introduction

12 Key Facts Every Manager Should Know about Canada's Aboriginal Peoples

Backgrounder: How to Speak, Write, Market to an Aboriginal Audiences

Working with Aboriginal organizations

An Introduction to the Inclusion Continuum

A Summary of Cultural Differences

Myths and Misconceptions about Aboriginal People

Working with Aboriginal Colleagues: Five Guides

Protocols with Elders

The Job Interview: Flashpoint in Cross-Cultural Communication

Who Does What in Aboriginal Skills Development: a Factsheet

Short Backgrounder on Aboriginal History

Short Backgrounder on Aboriginal Groups

Aboriginal Awareness 101…
creating an aboriginal policy for your organization
  • A complete program on how to create an Aboriginal policy, including samples of policies, a template for developing a policy, and best practices in corporate Aboriginal policies.
  • The council’s Aboriginal Workplace Inclusion Learning System works with public or private organizations.
  • Common reporting systems will encourage a more coordinated approach.
  • Our learning system is unique – no one else in the world has developed this kind of empirical approach to address core issues which close the gap between Aboriginal and mainstream communities.
  • Comprehensive and results oriented.
  • An evolving program committed to continuous improvement.