2014 2015 aspiring dean information session
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2014-2015 Aspiring Dean Information Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014-2015 Aspiring Dean Information Session. Angela Heard, M.Ed., Ed. S. Human Resources Staffer Coordinator for Administrative Hiring. Agenda. Welcome The Application Process The Screening Process The Interview Process Communication & Feedback Critical Information . Remember when?.

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2014 2015 aspiring dean information session

2014-2015 Aspiring Dean Information Session

Angela Heard, M.Ed., Ed. S.

Human Resources Staffer

Coordinator for Administrative Hiring



  • Welcome

  • The Application Process

  • The Screening Process

  • The Interview Process

  • Communication & Feedback

  • Critical Information

Remember when

Remember when?

  • Think about the best school leader that you ever worked for…

  • What made them the best?

  • What is it that makes a great school leader?

  • What stood out about them?

  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of them?

What is key

What is key ?

  • Look at this list.

  • What stands out to you?

  • Share with your shoulder partner.

  • How do you know when someone has “it?”

What if

What If ?

What kind of difference could we make?

What if we had a

great school

leader in

every school?

Attitude beliefs action

Attitude = Beliefs + Action

  • Goal 2 of the Strategic Plan

    • Human Capital

  • Hiring for Attitude

    • Beliefs

    • Actions

  • Demonstrate your “Attitude” in your application and interviews

    • Artifacts, experiences, practices

My role
My Role








The application

The Application

  • Certified (teacher) Application

    • Complete and update application

    • Check each page

    • Update confidential references

    • Attach resume & letter of interest

    • Attach any verification documents

    • 2 Essays

    • Questionnaire

    • Attach evaluations

      • For the last 5 years

Resume letter of interest
Resume & Letter of Interest

  • Avoid business style-1 page resume

  • Need more information

  • Update-look at other people’s

  • Once you have a couple of drafts have some readers check for content and which format reads better

  • Should reflect you-not one right way to do it

The questionnaire
The Questionnaire

  • Fillable Word document – new this year

  • Critical component - take your time

  • Be specific

  • Be accurate and remember you must provide verification of all the information you submit

  • This is your opportunity to speak to the screener and the committees

  • This is your tool – take advantage of it!


Did I mention how


the questionnaire is?



  • Apply for Dean of Students Posting

    • All applicants considered for all 3 levels

    • You are applying to the Pool Positions and/or for consideration of a Level One interview

    • Can’t apply for a Dean position until you have made the pool or are an eligible transfer candidate

    • Interviewing in rounds

Interview rounds
Interview Rounds

  • 3 Rounds Scheduled

  • Application Deadlines: January 3rd, February 28th, and April 25th

  • Complete Application must be received by 11:30 PM Pacific Time

  • If your application is received late or you wish to add or change any information past the deadline your application will be moved to the next round for consideration

  • Interview Schedule: January, March, and May

  • Results: Feb 7th, April 4th, and June 6th

Application screening
Application Screening

  • Make sure you have met minimum qualifications

  • Submit a complete application before the deadline

  • Use the School Leader Candidate Checklist to ensure you have submitted all the required documents

  • Your full application is reviewed



  • Two essays

  • Follow the directions

  • Answer our questions

  • Essays and directions are posted online

  • Application is incomplete and cannot be screened without essays

  • One Essay is required, the other you will select from the options provided

  • One reminder

Verification form

Verification Form

  • What might I need to verify?

  • Specific experience: for example, you were the department lead for 3 years at Reed HS

  • Who can verify: any of your supervisors during that time

  • How do I verify: Use the Verification Form (you complete it and they sign off with their information verifying with their contact information for any possible needed follow-up

6 criteria of administrator readiness1

6 Criteria of Administrator Readiness

  • Confidential References

  • General leadership

  • Administrative experience

  • Specialized Training

  • Communication

  • Cultural Awareness

6 criteria activity

6 Criteria Activity

  • What criteria would the experience fall into?

Essays screening
Essays Screening

  • Essays are screened by a committee

  • All identifying information is redacted from the essay

  • Readers identify essays by numbers

  • Multiple readers for each essay

  • When needed to verify a score an additional reader will also score

The interview process

The Interview Process

  • Level One Leadership Interviews (District)

  • Activity

  • Questions

  • Short Notice

  • Skype Available

  • Conference Call

Dean level one committee
Dean Level One Committee

  • One Principal

  • 2 Assistant Principals

  • Human Resources Representative

  • A Second Principal or District Administrator

    • All 3 levels will be repsresented-ES, MS, HS

The interview process1

The Interview Process

  • Level Two School Interviews (Site)

  • Can sometimes be short notice

  • Scheduled by the School Site

  • Generally at the actual school

  • Committee should reflect diversity of student population

Dean level two committee
Dean Level Two Committee

  • Principal

  • 1 Teacher

  • 1 Parent

  • 1 Education Support Personnel

    *These are minimums

    **Area Sups are often invited to sit in on these interviews as well-although it is not required

Interview decisions

Interview Decisions

  • Level One

    • Committee determines if the candidate moves forward

  • Level Two

    • Committee and Area Superintendent make recommendations based upon the staff, parent, and student input

  • Final Decision

    • Always made by the Superintendent of Schools

Other critical information

Other Critical Information

  • Apply once per year

  • Can only be screened once per hiring cycle

  • Level One Interviews

    • Now scheduled based on the interview rounds

  • Level Two Interviews

    • May-August

  • Behavior Event Interview Style

  • 3 year Pools

The candidate picture

The Candidate Picture

  • Use the application process to create a picture of who you are as a school leader

  • What is your “Attitude” as a leader?

  • Identify your strengths and make sure we can see them

  • Make sure your picture is in focus

  • Looking for a good fit or a match for a school

Feedback communication

Feedback & Communication

  • Most communication is done via email

  • We have reviewed and updated the communication process

  • We have a public schedule for interviews and communication

  • Feedback

    • On Application

      • Not much can be given

    • On Level One Interviews

      • Verbal and written

I m in the pool what now
I’m In the Pool-What Now?

  • In the Spring

    • 2nd Annual Meet & Greet

  • Apply to positions that you are interested in

    • HR reviews to ensure eligiblity

    • May be invited to interview for a specific position that you didn’t apply to

    • Ok to decline or accept

  • Short Notice for Interviews

    • Sometimes less than 24hrs



  • Have a mentor or colleague review your application, resume and letter of interest

  • Compare your Application Package to the 6 Criteria of Administrator Readiness

  • Remember this is highly competitive and rigorous selection process

  • Don’t do this alone, reach out to your colleagues and your support system

  • Remember-this is as much about the journey as it is about the reaching the destination



Angela Heard

HR Staffer

Coordinator for Administrative Hiring

[email protected]

[email protected]


775-219-8029 call or text