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Manage Via E-Mail

Manage Via E-Mail

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Manage Via E-Mail

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  1. Manage Via E-Mail By: Layne, Kaylin, Cade, and Austin

  2. 4 Keys to Manage Via E-Mail • Use E-mail to build a team • Use e-mail to develop a project • Use e-mail to show personal interest • Use the “ Do’s and Don’ts” of e-mail managing

  3. Build a Team • E-mail helps communicate from far away • Allows people to brain storm together Example Email Dear Team: One year ago today, the Customer Retentio0n Team met for the first time. Since then, customer retention has increased 20 percent in a single year, which far exceeds our industry’s average. That’s an amazing achievement. I appreciate the long hours and hard work you have all contributed to this important project. Thanks to everyone for your extraordinary effort and continued dedication! Rick Reynolds

  4. Develop a Project • Emails help the development stage of a project • Emails are a fast way to share, discuses, and decide Example Email Dear Team: As you know DubqueMetalworks has indicated an interest in partnering with LNM Manufacturing. We’re interested in pursuing this relationship, but we need to brainstorm a few business models before our meeting with them Tuesday. Please take a moment to reply to this email with any ideas you have. Ellen Tuttle

  5. Show Personal Interest • Good managers make personal connections • E-mails allow managers to connect with employs from a distance Example Email Myra, Congratulations on your election to the Uppsala Community Board. I’m delighted ou can make this worthwhile contribution to your city. Your many skills and talents will make you an asset to that griup just as you are an aset to our team. Sincerely, Bill Y.

  6. Do’s and Don’ts of E-Mail Managing • Don’t rely on E-mail exclusively • Do police yourself • Do keep it short • So distribute to a short list

  7. Use Fair and Respectful Language • Gender Issues- Be sure your language is gender neutral. • Race, Religion, or Ethnicity- Nonspecific language respects the diversity of readers. • Disabilities- Be aware of the preferred forms of reference. • Age- Don’t use words with negative connotations.

  8. Activity • Send an email to three people trying to create team. • Remember the Do’s and Don’ts

  9. The End