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EXpert IPTV Test Tools – NPI October 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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EXpert IPTV Test Tools – NPI October 2011

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EXpert IPTV Test Tools – NPI October 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EXpert IPTV Test Tools – NPI October 2011

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  1. EXpert IPTV Test Tools – NPI October 2011 Hammadoun Dicko Alexander Heinberger Product Specialist

  2. Agenda • EXpert IPTV Überblick • EXpert IPTV Feature Set • EXpert ITPV – USPs • GUI Überblick • Applikationen • Einsatzgebiete • Preis und Bestell Info • Fazit

  3. Überblick • IP. VoIP. IPTV. Test Applikationen, jetzt auf Ihrer Plattform. • Modul unabhängige Software • Benutzt die 10/100/1000 Plattform Schnittstelle • Individuelle Optionen für FTB-1 und FTB-200* Plattformen • Gebündelte Applikationen für volles triple-play testen* FTB Ecosystem - Liefert Software-Skalierbaren Wert für Ihre Plattformen *Verfügbar nur auf FTB-1

  4. Leistungsstarke Lösung für IPTV Qualitäts Beurteilung • Set Top Box Emulation und Passives Monitoring von IPTV streams • Echtzeit Video Vorschau • Analysiert bis zu 10 Video Streams gleichzeitig • Umfangreiche QoS and QoE Metriken • Gut/Schlecht Schwellenwerte Verfügbar am FTB-1

  5. Einzigartige Einsparungs-Möglichkeiten • Reduzieren Sie Ihren Betriebsaufwand (OPEX) • Einfache, intuitive und Kosten effektive Applikation • Erhöht die Effizienz der Benutzer • Reduzieren Sie Ihren Investitionsaufwand (CAPEX) • Ein Tester für die komplette Errichtung von FTTH Diensten

  6. EXpert IPTV Test tools – Feature Set • Most common encoding • MPEG2, MPEG4 part 2&10 , VC1 • Mediaroom/MS-IPTV • Protocols • IGMP versions 2 and 3 • Simultaneous stream analysis (up to 10) • Live video preview • Video On Demand • IGMP latency • Import and export list of channels • PID channel list • Channel name • Codec detection • Stream content (PID with bit stream) • GOP length and type • Stream Bandwidth and Packet Size • Reference clock rate • Transport Packets Metrics • Packet count: received, loss, discarded, Out of Sequence, duplicated, corrected • Gap count • Gap Loss ratio • PCR Jitter metrics • Current PCR Jitter • Max PCR Jitter • RTP Packets Metrics • Packet count: received, loss, discarded, Out of Sequence, duplicated, corrected • Packets with time stamps error

  7. EXpert IPTV Test tools – Feature Set (Next) • Perceptual Quality Metrics • Video MOS (Instantaneous, minimum, maximum absolute) • Audio MOS (Instantaneous, minimum, maximum absolute) • Transmission quality: EPSNR, EPSNR (ATI) • Degradation Factors • Available network bandwidth • Audio/video synchronization • MPEG2-TS TR101290 • Priority 1: • TS sync loss count • Sync byte error count • PAT error count • PAT2 error count • Continuity error count • PMT error count • PMT2 error count • PID error count • MPEG2-TS TR101290 • Priority 2: • Transport error count • CRC error count • PCR error count • PCR repetition error count • PCR discontinuity error count • PCR accuracy error count • PTS error count • CAT error count • Audio Description Information • Transport protocol • Codec Type • Bandwidth • Video Jitter: • Arrival Jitter • Frame Arrival Delay • Graphical display of all metrics • Logger and report

  8. GUI Überblick

  9. Video Metrics Video Perceptual Quality provides the most essential QoE scoring metrics such a Video MOS scores Video Jitter Metrics provide amount of Average Frame and I-frame Inter Arrival Jitter Average and Peak Frame Arrival Delay in miliseconds Video Scene Analysis Metrics provide proportions of the stream with Detail, Panning, Motion and Static Image. These factors weight on the overall Video MOS score. Degradation Factors provide insight into the nature of MOS score

  10. Packets Metrics Transport Packets are MPEG-TS packets that carry Packet Elementary Streams (PES). Statistics of these MPEG-TS Packets such as lost, discarded, corrected, out-of-sequence and duplicated packets allow detection of this major source of video picture degradation. Jitter Metrics focus on the PCR Jitter which is defined as TimeStamp arrival time jitter. PCR Jitter is a mjor contributor to loss of frames due to router or STB buffer overflow. RTP Packet Metrics ( if available) are statistics of RTP protocol encapsulation. RTP encapsulation is optional and is used to provide independent timestamping to video and audio. But it also adds overhead to the transmission. Tracking RTP statistics allows problem isolation to the RTP encapsulating device.

  11. TR101290 Metrics TR 101290 First Priority lists Loss and Error counters that are essential for video de-codability TR 101290 Second Priority list Error Counters recommended for continuous or periodic monitoring

  12. Audio Metrics Audio Perceptual Quality Metrics are MOS scores with subjective test content calculated with a specialized VQMON audio algorithm. Degradation Factors provide severity of degradation due to Packet Loss, Packet Discard, Codec, a Recency of burst packet loss Audio Decription Information is similar to Video Decription Information providing essential reference information about the stream. Audio Bandwidth Metrics provides bandwidth average and peak rate with and without headers

  13. Video Frames Metrics Video Frames (MPEG-TS) statistics provide the total number of Received and Impaired frames I, P , B and optional SI and SP. This breakdown allows better diagnostics of the distorted video. Packet statistics such as Packet Lost, Packets Discarded and Packets Impaired correspond to the MPEG-TS frame statistics and they allow more detail breakdown of the diagnostics.

  14. Video Bandwidths Metrics Video Bandwidth of I, P,B, SI and SP frames provides a useful information for traffic engineering. Looking and MOS and other metrics one can determine how much less or more bandwidth to add or reduce to maintain the quality goal and bandwidth utilizations at the same time.

  15. Graphs Any two metrics can be displayed as histograms allowing correlation of events for diagnostics

  16. Simultaneous Multi-channel Testing

  17. Set Top Box Emulation • Join and leave one or multiple channels simultaneously • Live video preview of one stream

  18. Set Top Box Emulation - Configuration • Channels List Manager • Allows user to add channels in a group • Groups can pre-configured and imported and exported • Multicast or Video On Demand • Join and leave channels – Multicast • Play and stop - VoD

  19. Passive Mode • Seamless monitoring • Monitor bi-directionally IPTV streams

  20. Triple Play Testing with FTB-1 • Emulate set top box • View video streams • Measure video and audio metrics (DATA TESTING) xPON • Connectivity test • Throughput measurement • Response time, download and upload times VOICE Ethernet (VOICE TESTING) DATA xDSL • Live calls • Measure VoIP metrics: MOS, RTP, Latency Set Top Box (VIDEO TESTING) VIDEO

  21. FTTx Deployments • Triple play testing in the home network for FTTC and FTTN deployments • Testing at the ONT for FTTB/FTTH deployments Testing inside the house Testing inside and/or outside the house

  22. FTB-1 – EIN Tester für die komplette FTTH Bereitstellung • One tester for both FTTH and triple play testing • Construction phase: iOLM, OTDR, Connector Max • Service activation: EXpert Triple Play • Troubleshooting

  23. Wo werden Sie eingesetzt?

  24. EXFO Triple Play Testers

  25. Preis und Bestell Information

  26. Fazit • Mit den EXpert IPTV Test Tools, bietet der FTB-1 eine komplette IPTV und Triple-play Test Lösung • Es kombiniert alle erforderlichen Applikation für Errichtung, Aktivierung und Störungsbehebung von FTTx/FTTH Diensten

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