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V ocabulary. Group 22. commence kuh mints. V begin To begin Christmas vacation this year will commence on December 18 th and end on January 2 nd . install in stol. V begin 1) To position 2) to put in an office 3) to prepare for use

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V ocabulary


Group 22

Commence kuh mints
commencekuh mints

V begin

To begin

Christmas vacation this year will commence on December 18th and end on January 2nd.

Install in stol
installin stol

V begin

1) To position 2) to put in an office 3) to prepare for use

When they finally delivered and installed my new air conditioner, I was ready to weep for joy.

Onset on set
onseton set

N begin

1) A beginning 2) an attack

The onset of spring means that is is time for the family to clean the house thoroughly and plant fresh flowers.

Originate uh ri juh nate
originateuh rijuhnate

V begin

To begin

The tradition originated at our school’s very first football game and is still faithfully observed to this day.

Preliminary pre li muh ner ee
preliminarypre li muhneree

A begin


The final report addressed the serious issues raised briefly in the committee’s preliminary report.

Priority pri or uh tee
prioritypri or uh tee

N begin

The right to move up ahead of something else

The number one priority of good parents is raising their children to be healthy and productive.

Ferry fer ee

V carry

To transport, especially by boat

If you want to visit the Statue of Liberty, one of these passenger boats will ferry you across the water from New York harbor.

Haul hol

V carry

To carry or transport

When they were done kayaking, they hauled the boat onto the beach and secured it.

Retrieve ri treev

V carry

To find and bring back

My dog loves to play “fetch,” he will quickly retrieve any stick I throw him.

Transfer trans fuhr
transfertrans fuhr

V carry

To move from one person or place to another

While he was talking, he fidgeted nervously and kept transferring the pen back and forth between his hands.

Transport trans port
transporttrans port

V carry

To carry or move

If I had realized how difficult it would be to transport my huge suitcase on trains and buses, I would have packed a smaller bag.