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V ocabulary
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  1. Vocabulary Group 20

  2. overpowero vuhrpauuhr V rule To overtake or overcome When we opened the garage door, we were overpowered by the stench of the rotting meat in the trash bin.

  3. tyranttie ruhnt N rule A ruler who misuses absolute power When the usurper killed the rightful king and crowned himself, he became a tyrant and oppressed all the people in the land.

  4. vanquishvangkwish V rule To conquer or overcome Victor vanquished his phobia of flying by taking a skydiving class.

  5. briefbreef A time short When the weather is bad, T.V. stations always interrupt the normal programming to provide brief updates.

  6. coincidekouhn side V time 1) To happen in the same time or place or 2) to agree Our views on most issues coincide, but we disagree strongly on the issue of welfare.

  7. constantkahnstuhnt A time Unchanging or regular The constant ticking of the grandfather clock keeps me awake at night.

  8. existigzist V time To be, occur, happen, or have life The question of whether ghosts really exist is hard to prove since, they are said to have a spiritual rather than a physical existence.

  9. lingerling guhr V time To be slow to quit, leave, act, or move Reluctant to return to my homework, I lingered over my coke and cookies longer than I should have.

  10. outmodedautmoeded A time No longer in style or use The old DOS 3.0 computer operating system is completely outmoded by today’s standards.

  11. perpetualpuhrpechuhwuhl A time Lasting forever My grandmother willed me an annual sum of $500 as a perpetual gift; I will get that same amount every year forever.